5 Ways Microsoft 365 E5 Can Help You Secure Your Business


You know about the importance of staying connected, especially in a post-pandemic world, and using the power of technology to help your business do what it does best. But do you know how essential protecting your business from cyberattacks is to your continued success? 

The reality is that what may start as a seemingly harmless spam email could quickly balloon to compromise not only the integrity and safety of your business operations and data, but also those of your clients or partner organisations. And once your company has gained the reputation of being an easy target for hackers, it can be hard to recover. 

With a cyberattack occurring every 39 seconds – according to a study conducted by the University of Maryland – there has never been a better time than now to secure your organisation 

Which is exactly where the Microsoft 365 E5 package comes in, which is included as part of Essential Tech’s Modern Office solutiondesigned from the ground up to give you the tools and services you need to protect your company from cyberattacks.  

Don’t believe us? 

Here’s 5 ways that the Microsoft 365 E5 package can help you secure your business and keep you on the path to success while knowing that your operations and data are safe. 

 1. Keeps Your Communications Encrypted and Data Secured 

Keeping communication flowing freely and organically, no matter where the members of your team are located, is essential to the success of your business. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that these communications, and the data often shared along with them, are protected from those who would seek to use them to do your business harm. 

The Microsoft 365 E5 security package helps you to keep your communications and data secure by offering tools with which you can encrypt all messages sent through Office programs as well as your data files. In fact, with the Azure Information Protection program included with Microsoft 365 E5, it’s possible to classify your business’ data based on the sensitivity of the information it contains and assign protections to suit automatically. 

We understand how security can easily slip to the bottom of the priority list during your business’ day-to-day operations, which is what makes the automatic functionality of Microsoft 365 E5 so effective. And since Microsoft 365 E5 can be accessed through our one-stop complete I.T. solution, which we’ve dubbed Modern Office, you’ll never have to worry about whether your data and communications are being compromised again. 

2. Exclusively Includes Microsoft Defender 

While it might not seem like much at first glance, Microsoft Defender is in reality a powerful tool against malicious attacks on your business. 

Available exclusively as part of the Microsoft 365 E5 package, Microsoft Defender protects your organisation against threats posed by email messages, links and collaboration tools through a three-aspect approach: 

  1. Threat protection policies: Microsoft Defender allows you to define threat-protection policies for your organisation, which helps to ensure you have an appropriate level of protection for your business operations 
  2. Real-time reports: Microsoft Defender gives you the ability to see real-time reports of how the program is monitoring and defending your business from threats 
  3. Automated threat investigation and response capabilities: Microsoft Defender uses leading-edge tools to investigate, understand, simulate and prevent threats – all of which can be set up to run automatically, which saves you time and effort in the long run 

3. Works Across Your Office 365 Cloud Apps 

The ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia and across the world means that more employees than ever before are asking to work from home, either as a safety precaution or in order to achieve a better work-life balance. And while packages such as Office 365 give your employees the means to keep doing what they do best from any location they choose, they don’t account for the security measures needed to ensure they are doing so safely. 

The Microsoft 365 E5 package does just that, by giving you unique insight into the apps used in your organization and sophisticated analytics to help you identify and combat any cyberthreats your organisation may encounter. The Microsoft 365 E5 package is also compatible with and works across every single one of your Office 365 apps, so you can rest assured knowing that your business’ day-to-day operations are protected. 

And that’s before we even get to the real-time monitoring and control over the travel of data within, and outside, your organisation the Microsoft 365 E5 package enables you to have. Talk about a dream security solution for those with remote workers. 

4. Implements The Azure Information Protection Program 

We touched on it before, but utilising the Microsoft 365 E5 Package also means gaining access to the powerful Azure Information Protection program.  

The Azure Information Protection program has a number of benefits that can help business owners like yourself secure their operations, including but not limited to: 

  • Being able to define who can access data as well as what they can do with it on an individual user level 
  • Having the ability to track activity on shared data and revoke access quickly and easily if the need arises 
  • Adding classification and protection information that follows your data, ensuring it remains protected no matter where it’s stored or who it’s shared with 
  • Classifying data based on use by your team or through the recommendation of security experts like the Essential Tech team, helping to streamline your IT security processes 

 And that’s just the beginning! 

The Azure Information Protection Program, in combination with the other tools that the Office 365 E5 package gives you access to through Modern Office, is the perfect one-stop solution for your business’ security needs. This is especially true if you belong to an industry, such as law or accounting, where making sure your clients’ private data is secure is essential to the reputation and operation of your business. 

5.  Assists In Training Your Team On Security Best Practices 

Since the Microsoft 365 E5 package allows you to easily and quickly monitor who’s accessing your data, what it’s being used for and where it’s being sent, it also provides the perfect jumping off point for keeping your staff up-to-date with security best practices. With the Microsoft 365 E5 package, you can easily see if a team member is engaging in behaviour that might expose your company to a cyberattack and quickly implement a solution to solve this problem before it leads to lasting damage. 

This is especially true if the Microsoft 365 E5 package is implemented in combination with Essential Tech’s other managed security services through our Modern Office solution. Just one aspect of these services involves regularly sending tests to your employees to check whether they may fall for common cyberattack tactics, such as phishing emails or fake data capture forms. If your employees don’t pass these tests, we’ll automatically send them information on how they can implement security best practices moving forward. 

And since the Microsoft 365 E5 package helps you to identify who exactly may be the weak link in your team’s security practices, utilising our managed security services to remedy any problems you may encounter has never been easier. 

Ready to secure your business’ operations and data? 

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