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Elevate Collaboration and Productivity with the Leading SharePoint Experts

At Essential Tech, we understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to effective communication, efficient document handling, and seamless teamwork. That's why we provide Microsoft SharePoint support services to revolutionise the way your business operates.
SharePoint serves as a centralised hub where employees can collaborate, share information, and access critical resources from anywhere, at any time. It eliminates the silos of information and creates a unified digital workplace for your organisation. 
As a certified Microsoft Partner, Essential Tech’s team of expert SharePoint consultants is here to guide you through the exciting world of SharePoint and unlock its full potential for your business.

Dominate the Digital Workplace with Tailored SharePoint Support Services

Essential Tech’s SharePoint consultants will work closely with you to understand your specific business requirements, and design a solution that aligns with your goals. We will help you leverage these powerful features and tailor SharePoint to meet your unique needs, ensuring that it becomes the backbone of your operations.

Document Management: SharePoint empowers you to organise, store, and manage documents and other content in a structured and easily accessible manner. Say goodbye to scattered files, confusing folder structures, and versioning issues. With SharePoint's intuitive interface, you can create libraries, set permissions, implement document workflows, and ensure that everyone has access to the right information at the right time.

Databases: SharePoint enables you to create powerful and customised databases to manage structured data effectively. Whether you need to track customer information, inventory, or project milestones, SharePoint allows you to build tailored databases with automated forms, views, and reports. This empowers your team to make data-driven decisions and streamline critical business processes.

Business Intelligence: Gain valuable insights into your business operations with SharePoint's built-in business intelligence capabilities. You can create interactive dashboards, reports, and data visualisations, helping you monitor key performance indicators, track trends, and make informed decisions. SharePoint's integration with other Microsoft tools, such as Power BI, further enhances your ability to analyse data and drive business growth.

User Permissions: Control access to sensitive information and ensure data security with SharePoint's robust user permissions. You can define user roles, assign permissions at a granular level, and restrict access to confidential data. SharePoint's flexible permission settings allow you to collaborate with external partners securely while maintaining control over your organisation's data.

From Chaos to Clarity: SharePoint Solutions for Success

When it comes to SharePoint managed services, Essential Tech goes above and beyond to ensure that your experience is truly exceptional. We understand that every business is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach simply won't suffice. That's why we offer SharePoint solutions that are tailored to your specific organisational needs.

Custom and Personalised

Our SharePoint consultants take the time to understand your business requirements, processes, and objectives. We work closely with you to customise SharePoint according to your branding guidelines, workflow preferences, and unique business processes.

From designing visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces to implementing custom features and functionalities, we create a SharePoint environment that reflects your organisation's identity and empowers your team to work efficiently.

Heightened Security

Data security is of utmost importance in the digital world. With SharePoint's robust security features and our expertise in implementing best practices, we ensure that your sensitive information is protected. We establish secure access controls, implement data encryption, and enforce strict user permissions, giving you peace of mind that your confidential data remains confidential.
Our SharePoint consultants work diligently to safeguard your information from unauthorised access or data breaches, allowing you to focus on your core business without compromising security.

Intuitive User Interface

We understand that user adoption is crucial for the success of any technology implementation. SharePoint's rich features can sometimes be overwhelming for users. That's why we prioritise an intuitive user interface that simplifies navigation and promotes ease of use.
Our SharePoint consultants focus on creating a user-friendly environment that requires minimal training, making it effortless for your employees to collaborate, share documents, and access information. By reducing complexity and enhancing user experience, we ensure that your team embraces SharePoint and utilises its full potential.


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