Current Business Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of growth 

Cloud computing is a technology that makes it possible for companies to use services provided by an external company rather than managing their own infrastructure. The concept of managed cloud services is to offer an outsourcing option for IT departments and businesses that don’t want to invest time and money into costly in-house IT infrastructure. 

The biggest advantages of using managed cloud services are: 



Cost efficiency

Enhanced data security and compliance

Disaster recovery and business continuity

Third-party software integration

Increased information accessibility

Greater transparency and accountability

With these advantages, organisations can grow with the demand rather than having to invest in their own data centres like they would otherwise need to do if they were using traditional hosting methods. 

Making your business simply better with comprehensive managed cloud services 

Cloud services bring a lot of advantages to business owners. They are proven to be less costly, more reliable and capable of scaling up when more resources are needed. These benefits make cloud computing an ideal option for anyone trying to grow their business. With Essential Tech’s managed cloud services, we can help you identify the right cloud computing power for your business and help run your IT infrastructure and applications more efficiently. Our managed cloud services in Brisbane provide a complete IT solution. With all the benefits of on premise, but without the costly risk or maintenance required.  

Why Essential Tech is your best partner on the cloud? 

Essential Tech’s managed cloud services are a hassle-free way for your business to get the most out of your IT infrastructure and applications. With Essential Tech’s dedicated team of cloud engineers taking care of things, you can ensure you will get the service and solutions your business really needs: 

Server architecture design

Security tool management

Automatic patching and updating

Cloud optimisation

Scale on demand

24/7 support

Essential Tech’s Managed Cloud Services – uniting the world through technology 

Technology can do anything you want it to do, as long as you are willing to explore and embrace the myriad options. Essential Tech’s Managed Cloud Services can help your business get on the freeway to the future and unlock the business benefits of the cloud to help you achieve more through technology. If you’ve been looking for a digital transformation for your business that works, then get in touch with Essential Tech’s team of cloud engineers to discuss how they can help your business transform. 


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