Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace for organisational success

From upgrading your staff's everyday desktop apps to customers wanting specialised support for their needs, your organisation needs to invest in the right tools for enhanced innovation and responsiveness to the market's changing requirements.

Businesses of all sizes can use Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 to streamline internal communications and collaboration while enhancing organisational efficiency. But while they might seem similar at face value, key differences separate them.

Knowing these distinctions and how they can affect your business is essential for choosing the software that will support your long-term success.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 (or M365) is a suite of productivity and collaborative tools hosted in the cloud. Microsoft 365 apps enable you and your employees to work together, stay organised, and collaborate efficiently. 

Any documents and files created and shared within the suite are protected by advanced cyber security features such as access control and network monitoring powered by machine learning programs.

Usable on various operating systems and mobile devices, M365 is made available via subscription plans that collate programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into cost-efficient packages.

When appropriate, organisations can also customise their plans – ideal for choosing relevant solutions rather than paying for an entire package you may not need.

Microsoft's productivity tools include:

  • Microsoft Teams – a social platform that offers audio calls, video conferencing, file sharing, instant messaging, team channels, and more.
  • Outlook – an email server that also hosts a calendar.
  • PowerPoint – a program for creating, editing, and hosting presentations.
  • Word – a program used for drafting and writing documents.
  • Excel – a program used for creating and managing spreadsheets.
  • OneDrive – cloud storage that supports the entire M365 suite.
  • And more.

M365's cloud-based model means that its applications (which also support desktop versions) and data can be accessed through the internet and edited from any device and at any time. 

This allows for a higher level of flexibility and efficiency for users, as they are given the ability to co-author documents and interact with business-related information at times most convenient to them. 

With M365, your organisation can save time and money by upgrading necessary procedures and supporting employees as they work.

What is Google Workspace?

Previously known as G Suite, Google Workspace is a productivity suite that houses several software programs businesses can use to improve their operational output. 

Google Workspace's cloud-based applications allow you and your employees to create, edit, save, and access company data. With Google's mobile apps, work can be performed on various devices.

Google Workspace programs you may be aware of include:

  • Google Docs – a document writing and editing program.
  • Google Sheets – a spreadsheet program similar to Excel.
  • Google Drive – a file and data storage platform. 
  • Google Slides – a presentation program similar to PowerPoint.
  • Google Forms – a tool to create interactive forms for data collection.
  • Google Calendar – a calendar tool for schedule management.
  • Gmail – an email server.

Workspace is available in four monthly plans that follow a per user/per month payment method. Workspace provides customers with all of Google's productivity software and additional incentives that become more valuable the higher the subscription goes. 

Whether you need Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for planning next month's marketing campaign or you need to gather feedback from your staff in a survey, Workspace was developed to serve as a solution to business' workplace pain points.

Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace

A company's ability to quickly and efficiently respond to customer requests is essential to its success. 81% of people say that exceptional customer service will encourage them to do business with a company again

While M365 and Workspace provide organisations with the software they need to accomplish such a feat, the differences between the two mean that one may be more beneficial for your business than the other.

The main differences between M365 and Workspace are:

The number of plans

M365 covers more bases and can match the requirements of businesses at any stage in their journey. There are four standard plans for businesses of any size and three enterprise-level packages suited for larger and growing companies. On the other hand, there are four Google Workspace plans.

Cyber security programs and policies

M365 and Workspace use robust security solutions to protect their users' information. However, while still functional, Workspace's safety features are not as comprehensive as Microsoft's. 

Microsoft 365 leverages innovative cyber security tools and practices to protect an organisation's IT infrastructure. From multi-factor authentication (MFA) to identity management, M365 monitors your network for suspicious activity and potential issues.

Foolproof cloud technology

Cloud technology refers to cloud storage – off-site servers that contain your company's information. Workspace and Microsoft 365 offer their users plenty of web-based storage for more convenient working arrangements.

However, while Workspace can provide you with more storage than Microsoft's standard 1TB across all its platforms, the deciding factor should be the clouds' security. Unlike Workspace, Microsoft's cloud security programs are more functional and promote highly secure data management and recovery

Use Microsoft 365 to improve your business's performance

'Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365 for small businesses is a debate that can distract you from what matters – investing in productivity tools that enhance your staff's performance while streamlining organisational processes. 

While Google Workspace can benefit your company, M365 can provide you with all of Google's advantages and more, packaged in a dynamic bundle that only uses the latest innovations in business technology.

The Microsoft 365 consultants at Essential Tech are specialists in helping businesses migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. Talk to them today to learn how to incorporate Microsoft into your business's operations for a more profitable future.

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