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The road to success can be rocky, but we’ll get you there safely and fast 

IT is a big part of business these days, and if you don’t have the right IT strategy in place, you could be doing your business more harm than good. Essential Tech’s IT Consulting Services will firmly plant your business on the road to success by defining a clear path of adoption and change management that will transform your business into a powerhouse. Our team have the IT skills, knowledge, and experience to get you where you need to go – successfully and sustainably. 

A full range of services to empower your business every step of the way 

With Essential Tech’s Cloud Adoption Consultancy, we give you the services, support, and solutions you need to propel your business into a cloud-based system. Specialist IT infrastructure design and migration services, disaster recovery, SaaS, and business continuity are just some of the benefits your business can take advantage of through Essential Tech’s specialised consulting services. 

Get access to your critical data even when disaster strikes 

Disasters – whether they be cyber attacks or natural disasters – have the potential to damage both your access to critical data and your business. We want to stop that from happening, so Essential Tech’s IT Consultants will set your business up with the comprehensive backup and disaster recovery strategy you need to guarantee you can access your organisation’s critical data quickly – even if disaster strikes. 

Proven cyber security strategies that promise to keep your data protected

The same cyber security strategy can’t be used for everyone, and our Cyber security Strategy Consultants know this. So, at Essential Tech, we take the time to listen to how you do business and assess what your business needs to keep your critical data out of the hands of threat actors. We will design a comprehensive and actionable cyber security plan that fits your business, so you can rest easy knowing your sensitive data is protected around the clock. 

IT consulting services – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is IT consulting services in Brisbane?

IT consulting services consist of IT experts offering professional advice to assist businesses in improving their operations. IT consultants use their expertise in digital technologies to help companies solve technical problems and improve their overall performance. Consulting is about supporting organisations, not holding them back.

What is the main difference between IT services and IT consulting in Brisbane?

IT services refer to the delivery of technical solutions and support to companies. IT consulting refers to the advice and guidance that businesses receive in order to make the best use of their technological resources. It is common for managed service providers (MSPs) to offer both services.

In Brisbane, what services do IT consultants provide?

IT consultants provide a wide range of services to their clients. From helping to select new hardware solutions to mapping out how specific pieces of software can quicken organisational growth, technical consulting services are versatile and unique for every business. To IT consultants, the customers’ goals are their main priority.  


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