Revolutionary Windows 365, the new world

Businesses were thrown into disarray when the pandemic hit with the sudden need to work from home and people needing to access data and systems remotely. Some offices didn’t have enough devices or equipment for people to work remotely and needed to rectify that quickly. The abrupt increased demand of equipment and logistical nightmares affected the timely supply of necessary remote working gear.

Now with Windows 365, businesses and staff can access their computer, systems, and data from the cloud, via a browser or app from any device, it’s your PC in the cloud.

But what is a cloud PC, and how does it work? A cloud PC allows you to stream your computer from any device, it’s basically a virtual PC running off Azure servers in the cloud. Let's break it down further.

How do you get a cloud PC and what’s the cost?

To get a cloud PC you:
  • head to the Windows 365 website, select the CPU, RAM, and storage that you require, and you can start using your cloud PC.
  • grab a device and access your cloud PC via the app or a browser, and you’ll be able to keep working from where you left off last time.

It’s that simple. Cost wise, it depends on what processor, RAM, and storage you require and how many users you have - there are business and enterprise level plans.


With Windows 365 being in the cloud some of your risks disappear. For example, if your physical device is lost or stolen, your PC is safe and backed up in the cloud. Furthermore, your security and updates are all taken care of in the cloud (by Microsoft), so you can rest assured your data and systems are safe and sound from hackers too.

Window 11 View on Mobile Phone

Faster and more superior

Your cloud PC comes with a much faster internet connection, making your life quicker. If you must download large media or video files, they will download in a fraction of the time due to the faster connection, allowing you to work more effectively and efficiently.

Also, if your company’s current devices aren’t cutting it anymore, and you need to upgrade, you need to order a new one and wait for it to arrive. With Windows 365, if you need a higher spec machine due to the work you are doing, you can tick a few boxes, pay, and start using it, no delays, no wait times. This means your staff can keep working seamlessly.

Microsoft 365 vs Windows 365

Same numbers, same company, but they differ hugely. Just remember Windows 365 is your cloud PC whereas Microsoft 365 is your suite of Office apps (Word, Excel, PPT) to help you work and collaborate.

Is Windows 365 for you?

It comes down to your requirements and budget, whether you need to update any devices now, whether you are already working remotely and it’s working well, or whether things could work much more seamlessly.

With Windows 365, you can extend the life of your current devices, and you can rest easy knowing your cloud PCs are stored and safe in the cloud, away from hackers and mishaps.

Windows 365 is definitely a different way of doing business, but it’s the way of the future, and, with Microsoft, the future is now.

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