Microsoft 365 For small businesses: the ultimate user guide

At its core, Microsoft 365 is a software subscription that provides businesses with a single, cloud-based solution. This means that users won’t need to sign up for multiple services to get the most out of it. Instead, they’ll be able to access everything in a single app. 

The biggest advantage with a cloud-based service is that it’s always accessible from anywhere at any time. The downside is that it’s also a lot more expensive than a traditional software subscription. Small businesses that only have a few employees are still able to take advantage of Microsoft 365, but they’ll need to make some concessions to do so. 

Read on to learn more about how businesses can take advantage of Microsoft 365, how it compares to other software subscriptions, and how to decide if it’s right for your business.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a subscription service that provides organizations with a single, integrated cloud solution. It encompasses both Office 365 suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, and SharePoint. 

With Microsoft 365, businesses can seamlessly access their email, cloud storage, team-based productivity tools, and more. The service also includes security features, such as threat detection, global malware protection, and advanced threat protection, which help businesses stay protected from digital threats.

Can small businesses use Microsoft 365?

Yes. The cost of Microsoft 365 will depend on how much you use and how many users you have. Small businesses that don’t need all the features available in Microsoft 365’s higher-end plans can opt for a lower-end plan.

The good things about Microsoft 365

- Access From Anywhere - Many people associate Microsoft 365 with the idea of being able to work from anywhere. To make this happen the user will need a device that can connect to the internet. 

- Cloud Storage - One of the biggest selling points of Microsoft 365 is the fact that it comes with cloud storage. This means that businesses no longer need to think about whether they need to buy additional storage because they can simply activate the service and start using it immediately. 

- Business Support - Businesses that use Microsoft 365 get 24/7 phone support, priority access to new features and services, and priority support when there’s an issue. 

- Dynamics 365 - Microsoft 365 also offers several tools that are specific to business use, including workflow and appointment management for team-based productivity. 

One of these tools is Microsoft Dynamics 365, a CRM (customer relationship management) tool that helps businesses stay organised by letting them track their contacts, assign tasks, send emails, run reports, and send texts.

-Collaboration and Productivity –  the suite of apps allow teams to collaborate, share documents and chat and so much more. Project management tools, task lists and reporting tools allow for better planning and productivity too. 

The bad things about Microsoft 365

- Cost - Microsoft 365 can be an expensive software subscription for your business. While there are a variety of pricing plans available, the price will depend on how much your organization uses. 

- The Whole Suite - The core appeal of Microsoft 365 is that it offers a suite of apps and functions however this means that businesses may sign up for multiple services that they won’t necessarily use. 

- One-Time Activation Fee - If a business doesn’t want to sign up for Microsoft 365 and isn’t using a business plan, then it will have to pay a one-time activation fee.

How much does Microsoft 365 cost?

There are four different pricing plans for Microsoft 365, depending on the needs of your organisation. The plans start from basic to premium and including different apps, features and have different costs. 

The cost is per user/month or you can pay an annual fee  

Final Word: Is Microsoft 365 right for your business?

Microsoft 365 is a great solution for businesses that need a single, integrated solution for all their technology. A good way to determine whether it’s right for your business is to evaluate how much it will cost and how much it will save you in the long run, as there are lots of productivity and business benefits to using Microsoft 365. 

The Microsoft 365 specialists at Essential Tech can help you investigate if Microsoft 365 is right for your business, as well as look at options and plans that suit your business. 


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