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Michael Coward

Michael, Essential Tech’s Managing Director, is an IT executive with experience successfully tackling the complex challenges associated with I.T. across a variety of different industries, including engineering, architecture, construction, finance and accounting. Michael has worn many hats throughout his career, all of which have helped him to secure his reputation of being an expert strategist and solver of complex problems. His areas of expertise include supporting clients across all facets of their I.T. function and working to improve their security and overall performance. However, where Michael really shines in his role as Director of Essential Tech is in being just as dedicated to ensuring our business goals are achieved efficiently as he is to making sure your business is receiving the highest level of I.T. support possible.

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Simon Edmed

Simon is Essential Tech’s I.T. support whiz who will always be at the other end of your support queue with a smile. With more than nine years of experience in the I.T. industry, Simon prides himself on his ability to help you resolve your concerns in the most efficient and stress-free way possible. Describing himself as a reliable, energetic I.T, support professional, Simon is dedicated to understanding his clients’ I.T. landscapes and helping to ensure that everything is functioning as it should – so you can keep doing what you do best. As Essential Tech’s Senior Engineer, Simon can usually be found answering your support enquiries and working diligently to minimise downtime and prevent any issues that you may encounter.

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More About Brendan

As Essential Tech’s Sales Manager, Brendan is focused on ensuring our clients business is fitted with the right I.T. solution for you while working to make sure that solution is implemented seamlessly. And that’s all while offering outstanding service, confidentiality and professionalism. With extensive experience in various roles across the I.T. and Information Management industries, Brendan has assisted hundreds of clients to develop and implement end-to-end solutions to streamline their processes. These clients include everyone from large corporations to government-owned organisations to small and medium businesses. Due to his breadth of experience, Brendan knows first-hand how, when applied correctly, technology can deliver immense benefits to you and your business both now and into the future.

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Daniel is Essential Tech’s service delivery expert. He ensures all our clients are set up for success and to have a positive experience with us. Meeting agreed contractual obligations are his jam, along with delivering high quality projects on time and on budget. He also provides technical recommendations to clients and the team including equipment renewal, hardware, internet connections and security. To ensure the ongoing success and efficient support of his clients’ environments, he also develops technical documentation and processes.

With a background and qualifications in IT, and backed by his strong customer focus and experience, clients love having Daniel on their side, and they tell us about it.

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Meet The People Behind The Expert Support

Whitney Mercer

Whitney Mercer


Whitney is responsible for ensuring that Essential Technologies Group’s operations run smoothly. She is a friendly and dedicated professional, who assists with a range of day-to-day administrative tasks.
Nima Loghmani

Nima Loghmani

Field Service Technician

Nima is your go-to guy in the field! He takes of all your on-site needs, ensuring you are always operating at your best.
Yasmin Lee

Yasmin Lee

Executive Assistant

The cog in our machine, Yasmin is an essential part of our team, ensuring all of our services are consistently performing at their best for our clients.

Michael Hamilton

Support Technician

Coming Soon...Support Technician - Level 3

Peter Simon

Support Technician

Coming Soon...

Craig Shorney

Support Technician

Coming Soon...

Oakley Arthur

Support Technician

Coming Soon...


Chief Officer of Affection

My Mission when in the office is to ensure all guests or courier delivery drivers are greeted promptly. While getting as much of the attention as I can. I also spend my day roaming the office looking for any hands that might be on a lap or knee, so that I can get more pats and ensure a calm happy team. If there are any foods I will eat them even from a bin. I am excited by the opportunity that I may be able to sniff and provide you with affection soon.

What Our Customers Are Saying?

Don’t just take our word for it.

Friendly and approachable and helped a non savvy tech person Thank you!​

ETG could not be more professional and responsive to their clients. Your service is prompt, efficient and friendly and as a client I feel 100% satisfied that you will stay on the problem until it's fixed​

Quick & easy. Simple problem solved simply & efficiently by ETG. Thanks.​

Problem resolved, friendly, patient and excellent service!​

The team at Essential Technologies have been fantastic. They got me up and running so quickly on my new systems and made sure there was no disruption to my business operations. Thanks Michael, Simon and team!​

We use the ETG team at my work. I can't speak highly enough of them, nothing is ever too hard, any task i throw at them is dealt with straight away and they are all great to get along with. I'd give them 10 stars but google only goes to 5 : )​

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