Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Since Essential Tech first began in 2007, our mission has always been to make your life, and those of your employees’, easier with I.T. solutions tailored to you and your specific needs.

We do this by first taking the time to personally get to know your business and infrastructure, so we can provide you with the best I.T. solutions for you. Our goal is to be your partner when it comes to I.T., in order to ensure that you’ll always have the support you need to succeed.

Then, we make it simple to get started by providing you with a fixed-fee support plan that makes sure all your I.T. needs will be covered without you having to worry about any unexpected fees.

Whether you want to improve connectivity throughout your organisation, need to ensure your data is being securely backed-up to the cloud or are interested in cutting down on your telephone and internet expenses, Essential Tech can help.

And do you want to know the best part?

Partnering with Essential Tech means that you gain access to experienced, local support from a team based in Brisbane who are always happy to help.

After all, empowering Australian businesses to perform at their best, with the right I.T. solutions for their needs behind them, is what Essential Tech is all about.

Our Vision

At Essential Tech, we strive to help your business grow by providing you with access to the latest technology and I.T. solutions, customised to your unique needs, all in one central place.

We know that your time is precious, which is exactly why we promise to deliver the right I.T. solutions and support for your needs, that will ensure that you’re performing at the highest level possible, 24/7.

With 100% guaranteed uptime, partnering with Essential Tech means never having to worry about whether your data is secure or your connectivity is optimised for your business’ goals again.

We’re here to help.

How do we do this exactly?

By delivering exceptional ongoing I.T. support, a friendly team that will never talk in industry jargon and a commitment to always striving to ensure that you have the right I.T. solution to fit every single one of your needs.

Our dedication to this vision is reflected in the Essential Tech values, which include:

Our Vision


When we connect with fellow team or clients we have an honest and transparent perspective. We endeavour to understand and respect each person’s unique perspective, we have a passion to build mutual trust and loyalty with our clients and each other. We are direct in our dealings while staying respectful to everyone that may be impacted.


We are thoughtful of each individual's capacity. We work together as a unit exemplifying the spirit of teamwork and maintaining a positive environment in any given situation.

We are an approachable team, willing to extend a helping hand to our clients. We collaborate with them to help achieve and support their business goals.


The freedom to express your thoughts and values in this

Workplace allows us to create a fun, relaxed and calm environment for all to enjoy. Be friendly to not only clients but your colleagues.


Our customers rely on us and we must be flexible with their time. Being flexible while being direct it keeps us ambitious. Friendly competition creates confidence and keeps us engaged.


We are actively thinking ahead rather than getting caught up in the little details. We look to solve with solutions that are both smart and simple. We are professional, we stay organised. We look to find opportunities to educate others so they may also be proactive.

Got Any Questions?

We listen and learn to understand your business challenges, so we can deliver effective solutions that meet your specific business needs. Speak with an expert now!

Why Essential Tech

100% Uptime Guarantee

Stay online and connected. Always.

24/7 Support And Assistance

Our team is always available to assist you.

Transparent Reporting

Be in the know and find out how you are performing.

Australian Help Desk

Our Australian-based service desk can provide professional and proactive IT support to your business.


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