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Support your people with high-speed internet – from any location

Unreliable internet connectivity can be a serious problem for your business. Prolonged outages can disrupt your workflow, negatively affect customers, and create a stressful working environment for your employees.

Fortunately, we have the solution. Essential Tech’s managed internet services provide reliable internet connectivity and Wi-Fi coverage to ensure your employees can work efficiently and productively at all times.

With fast speed, reliable connections, and affordable monthly rates, your business will blossom and your employees will find greater satisfaction in their daily tasks, enabling them to deliver better customer service.

By investing in Essential Tech’s managed internet services, you can reduce the costs associated with internet connectivity, while also enabling a more productive work environments for your employees.

Keeping you online and connected with high performance speeds

All businesses face online connectivity challenges. Despite the benefits of online connectivity, some businesses are severely impacted by downtime, slow speeds, and unreliable connections.
Essential Tech can provide you with a variety of high-quality managed internet services, including managed web servers, bandwidth, and security services. Our internet consultants will also provide technical support 24/7 to ensure reliable internet access, and fast issue resolution.
With high levels of competition for access to networks and high demand for bandwidth, reliable connectivity is essential for your business. Our expert consultants know what it takes to deliver reliable, high-speed internet connections, and we have built our reputation based on our commitment to those principles.
With a wide variety of internet service plans designed to fit any budget on offer, from entry level to high-speed fiber connections, we can deliver the internet plan that suits you best. Our skilled specialists also provide a full range of other highly-specialised services including private cloud, co-location, and managed hosting.
You can count on us to deliver reliable and efficient network management tools, and monitor your network traffic to keep your IT systems running smoothly.

Flexible, industry-leading business internet services and support

With the rapid expansion of businesses and the need for multiple connectivity options, businesses are faced with a range of challenges. These range from increased data traffic, to excessive downtime due to network failures or disruptions.

We provide virtual private network (VPN) solutions to support work-from-home business environments, support for existing internet connections, and audits of your current network. Our internet solutions are designed to help small and medium (SMBs) harness the power of the internet to connect with customers and drive growth.

From business NBN plans, to enterprise ethernet and fibre, we will deliver the solution that your business needs to drive productivity and growth.

Our business internet services include:

NBN connections

Managed VPN

Private fibre networks

Network security

24/7 monitoring and management

Enterprise Ethernet

Unlimited data

And much more


Essential Tech: providing the high speed internet connections your business needs to thrive

Essential Tech is a Brisbane-based managed service provider (MSP). We offer a wide range of IT services and solutions to businesses nationwide, including cyber security, cloud services, Microsoft 365, unified communications, and more.

Our internet services are designed to be simple, effective and affordable for every company, whether you’re an established corporation or a small business. We offer a range of high-speed internet plans to suit your needs, with features like bandwidth sharing, security, and unlimited data, so you can connect all your devices without worrying about overage fees.

Our experienced team of experts and their deep understanding of the needs of small businesses are able to provide cost-effective, reliable internet solutions that will help our clients succeed in the long run.

Managed Internet Services FAQ

What are managed internet services?

Managed internet service providers manage your Internet connection for you. In most cases, the provider will automatically check for things like outages and security issues.

Other common services offered include network upgrades, custom-tuned network configurations, and remote management. Some managed internet service providers also offer other specialised services, such as security monitoring and website hosting.

Why would I need managed internet services?

You may need to seek out the services of a managed internet provider if:

  • You’re experiencing IT failures
  • There are constant performance and stability issues
  • Downtime is increasing
  • You’re having connectivity issues
  • You’re experiencing long wait times for issue resolutions
  • You have a remote workforce
  • You have an advanced cloud infrastructure
  • Employees and/or customers are complaining about connectivity, speeds, or stability

How can a managed internet service provider support my remote workforce?

Managed internet services are a reliable, efficient way for businesses to stay connected, and for remote workers to get the tools they need to work well. Managed internet services typically have features like remote access, connectivity, and WAN optimisation that allow businesses to work from anywhere with reliable connectivity. 
They also provide a central point of contact for technical support and troubleshooting, as well as a customisable user interface. 


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