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Every organisation has different goals, different needs, different processes, different people… and therefore, not every application or platform, piece of hardware or even every consultancy can solve every single IT problem out there.  You know your business best, and when you can focus on what you do best, everyone is happy: your clients, your staff, you, and obviously, your bottom line.   
We’re Brisbane’s premier SMB IT Solutions Provider, working with global technology vendors like Microsoft, 3CX, HP, Ubiquiti, and more.  Our broad specialist experience and knowledge – acquired over the last 14+ years – will help you rest assured that we know how to discover the best solution for your organisation’s IT needs. 
Modern office

Modern Office – Take Away the Worry of IT 

Modern Office is a revolutionary concept from Essential Tech that is designed to give you access to all of our managed services while keeping your side as simple and stress-free as possible. 
Modern Office takes all of our managed services – including our security, communications and cloud offerings, alongside the stand-out managed I.T. service we’re renowned for – and collates them into one package. 
It’s your complete technology requirements, packaged into a fixed per user fee

Microsoft Teams Cloud Calling 

Take your organisation’s communications into the future by enabling voice calling within Microsoft Teams.  Tapping into your existing Microsoft 365 licencing, and backed by the robust security from Microsoft, your business can communicate and collaborate with stakeholders and clients alike, from wherever they are. 

If your organisation is already using Microsoft Teams, and you want to take the next step and enable voice calling, Essential Tech can deploy your and manage the telephony features for you. 

Microsoft Teams
Unified communications

Unified Communications 

Unified Communications (UC) allows organisations to integrate different communication channels into one platform, enabling increased collaboration by consolidating chat, email, calendaring, document sharing, video and audio conferencing, and more. 

Not only will your staff be able to communicate better with each other, but the integrations can go even further for those who want them, with the ability to integrate your CRM, your ERP or accounting software, and more. 

UC is more than just communications – it’s a foundation for a solid business. 

3CX Phone System 

Are you still using an outdated phone system?  Then now is the best time to upgrade it. Poor quality calls, dropped calls, malfunctioning voicemail, missed calls, and more, are not the best representation of your organisation, and how you do business.  

Phone systems have advanced dramatically in the last few years, and Essential Tech is a proud 3CX partner, offering the 3CX Phone System, and all support and maintenance, so your staff don’t need to learn something new. 


The Best IT Solutions for SMBs in Brisbane 

The best IT solutions take into consideration more than just one factor.  It will consider your technology, your organisational needs, and most importantly, your people: your management team, your staff, and your customers and clients. No two organisations are the same, and you shouldn’t have to fit into someone else’s mould when you’re investing in your IT. 

We’re ready and waiting to help you create the IT solution that takes your organisation to the next level, however that looks for you.

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