Would your IT be capable of adapting to rapid business growth? It’s a question that most businesses don’t ask, until it’s too late. Prepare for business growth, with an IT plan that is scalable, secure and flexible; one that can meet your needs whether you have 2 or 100 staff!

CUSP Urban Design and Landscape Architecture doubled their number of staff members almost overnight. The company relied on our expert team to upgrade their infrastructure and technology to meet their growth. What could have been an IT nightmare, became an opportunity to get the right technology solutions in place. Now, they look forward to achieving even greater productivity, efficiency and growth.

Find out how this company has been freed up to focus on the design of urban and landscape spaces, while we match IT solutions to fit their needs.

Our Assessment


  • Rapid company growth, including doubling the number of staff members almost overnight, meant their technology and infrastructure no longer met their needs.
  • A local server was unable to keep up with the significant increase in workload.
  • Suitable computer needed to be custom built to cater for the needs of high-end graphics software.
  • CUSP needed a new phone system and a network that could connect their office, which was in two separate buildings.
  • A high-speed wireless network was required, able to be accessed throughout the office.
  • With this network, real-time security and protection would need to be implemented to keep the company safe.

How We Helped

Improved Communication & Modern Telecommunications:

A 3CX virtual phone system was implemented which has resulted in low call costs and no need for phone cables. Skype for Business has improved communication between their team.

Custom Built High Performance Computers:

The latest Lenovo computers were custom built for use with high-end graphics software. A 48 hour turnaround for new hardware and computers means the company can have peace of mind knowing that their computer equipment will be reliable and available for every project. Finally, no more crashing applications due to lack of resources.

End-To-End Security:

The company is protected from security threats and vulnerabilities with real-time protection. A Sophos UTM firewall offers end-to-end security.

Safe And Reliable Data Backups:

A 3CX virtual phone system was implemented which has resulted in low call costs and no need for phone cables. Skype for Business has improved communication between their team. aShare documents between offices, back up data to the cloud and a complete archiving solution. With everything on the cloud, there’s no disasters caused from lost data and they have infinite retention of their valuable files. Managed IT services test their backups as an added safeguard.

High Speed Communication And Networking:

A high-speed network was designed and built to allow lightning fast communication between offices and team members. Connectivity and speed of their network will be a key to preparing for future growth.

Managed IT Services:

The organisation is able to focus on the design of urban and landscape spaces. We maintain, manage and plan for every disaster and offer the company a 100% uptime guarantee.

Is Your Business Prepared For Rapid Business Growth?

Don’t leave your future to chance! Prepare for business growth with a custom IT plan that is scalable, secure and flexible.

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