Slow Internet Speed And Limited Connectivity Between Your Business Locations Can Take A Toll On Your Productivity.

For Kids Matters, slow internet speed impacted on every aspect of their daily operations. The organisation were paying for expensive phone and internet, while getting little value for money.

Find out how we saved Kids Matters time and money, with fast and reliable internet and server solutions. The organisation can share data securely between their offices and transfer their phone calls; even between three Brisbane offices.

Need Fast And Reliable Communication Solutions For Your Business?

Our Assessment: Kids Matters

  • Limited communications between their three Brisbane offices hindered operational efficiency. The organisation needed solutions that would allow them to share data securely between offices.
  • The organisation had a slow local server and needed an efficient way to back up emails.
  • Phone and internet costs were expensive and offered few benefits. Kids Matters needed phone and internet services that offered improved value for money.
  • Telephone calls could not be transferred between offices and this resulted in limited internal communications.
  • The organisation relied on traditional communication systems, including phone and fax, and needed to upgrade to VOIP digital solutions.
  • Slow internet speed impacted every aspect of their daily operations.
  • Security concerns hindered the organisation from utilising the benefits of cloud-based solutions.

How We Helped

Improved Communication & Faster Decision Making:

The outdated telephone system was moved to 3CX VOIP and Skype for Business. Instant messaging and video conferencing between the offices enables fast decision-making and effective communication between the team.

End-To-End Security:

A Sophos UTM firewall provides end-to-end security with real-time threat protection. The system protects against security threats and vulnerabilities, while a comprehensive security suite has been implemented for their email security, antivirus and firewall.

Safe And Reliable Data Backups:

Data is automatically backed up using secure cloud based solutions. The organisation is now able to share documents between offices, with files stored safely online. There’s no lost data or disasters, with the safeguard of archiving and version control.

High Speed Communication And Networking:

A high-speed network allows lightning fast communication between offices. The speed of their network and connectivity were key ingredients for their future growth.

Maximum Flexibility From Laptop Devices:

An upgrade from desktop to laptop computers gives the organisation maximum flexibility. The team can take their laptops to meetings and information can be easily transferred to SharePoint. This upgrade has significantly improved their team’s productivity.

Built For Growth:

Essential Tech has implemented a range of solutions that plan for future growth. The organisation has a rock-solid future plan, shifting from a reactive to proactive approach to IT.

Predictable IT Costs:

No surprises or unexpected ad-hoc bills. A set of solutions that controls costs and has monthly, predictable and affordable costs. Kids Matter has enterprise level services for a low monthly fee and no high upfront payments.

100% Uptime:

Since moving to the new server, the company has experienced a 100% uptime. In a downtime scenario, Essential Tech is on standby to get the company back online within 3-15 minutes.

Managed IT Services:

The organisation is able to focus on what they do best – helping children with developmental, behavioural, mental and other challenges. We maintain, monitor and proactively plan for future growth with Managed IT Services. We handle virtually every aspect of the organisation’s IT and their team is free to focus on their day-to-day work.

Bundle of Colors

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Services Used

  • IT Support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Phone & Data
  • Security Monitoring

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