The value of outsourcing your IT

With the accelerated demand for digital technology solutions, many businesses are faced with the decision to set up their own technical support department or outsource their IT to a third party such as a managed service provider (MSP).

A reliable and expert IT department is essential for any organisation, to ensure the operational effectiveness of various business functions, connect business networks into one reliable whole, and aid in ensuring business critical data is protected.

While having an internal IT department has its benefits, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to justify the cost of hiring more staff, or are struggling to keep up with all technical support tasks. This is when outsourcing IT can be the best business decision you will make.

Main benefits of outsourcing your IT

Outsourcing IT is the practice of contracting out certain parts of your IT function to a managed service provider. The MSP takes on the responsibility for implementing and managing technology within your business, depending on the type of service you need. For example, some MSPs can help with overall IT support, or specialise in cybersecurity solutions and monitoring.

Let’s explore the value of outsourcing your IT needs below

Reduced expenses

Outsourcing IT services can make businesses more cost-efficient, by overall reducing the costs associated with digital technology. This can be seen in reducing expenditure in hardware, servers, storage, break/fix support, and so on. Your MSP will be able to advise on how to get the best return on your technology investments, saving future costs as well. There is also no need to budget for additional IT staff, allowing you to focus on the most important parts of your business. Outsourced IT also enables you to have more predictable monthly costs, based on your needs.

Access to more expertise

Technology is such a broad and complex area, making it impossible for one individual to know everything. If you have a small internal IT team, chances are they won’t be able to handle every issue that comes their way. Or if your business decides to implement new technology, your IT staff may not have the expertise to do this effectively, without impacting operations or security. One of the big advantages of outsourcing to a MSP is access to a larger, more experienced pool of technical knowledge. You don’t have to hire in house IT personnel to cover all the areas of technology needed to be managed. MSPs have years of experience, expertise, and skilled teams to implement solutions and manage your IT infrastructure. This can ensure your business stays competitive and has access to emerging technology that can benefit your business success.

IT calling person on their working hours

Get support when you need it

Technology can be fickle, and often issues arise just when you least need it. You might not need a full time IT department onsite, but prefer to have the flexibility of having an IT technician on call as needed. Outsourcing your IT to a MSP offers you different ways to access that support, in a way that benefits you most. MSPs offer flexible services such as remote IT support, giving peace of mind that you have help when you need it. Tailored service packages mean you can combine remote IT support with your internal IT staff, providing an efficient and affordable option to keep your business technology operating seamlessly.


Growth is an essential part of any business. You want to work with new clients, or take on new projects, but you don’t want to blow out your budget with having to hire new staff immediately or invest in new IT infrastructure. Scalability goes hand in hand with IT outsourcing. Your MSP can take care of what your business needs, whether it is more data storage, digital transformation, cloud migration, or bringing new software on board to provide better customer service. Best of all, this can happen much faster and more efficiently than if you have to hire the right staff, train them, and provide the support they need.

Level the field

Smaller businesses can’t afford to match the type of internal IT support that large corporations maintain. Outsourcing your IT allows you to access similar technology and expertise, at a fraction of the investment. A MSP can provide a cost structure and tailored services that give your business a competitive edge in your market, with cost savings you can reinvest in other ways to continue to grow.

Increased workflow efficiencies

Outsourcing your IT maintenance to a MSP leads to better work efficiencies across the entire company. With continuous monitoring of your systems and network, your business experiences fewer disruptions to operations and connectivity. The benefits here are invaluable, as it leads to far greater stability and uptime, which means more productivity and less time worrying about IT issues.

Serious about security

Is your IT environment protected from cyber-threats? Do you know how your employees are using their mobile devices when offsite? Is your business data safe in the event of a disaster?

MSPs who specialise in cybersecurity can provide peace of mind that your company is minimising the risks of data breaches, intellectual property theft, ransomware, and more. Outsourcing also means more frequent and secure backup solutions, keeping critical data safe in the event of a disaster, whether natural or cyber-based.

Your business needs are unique, so partnering with a MSP means finding the right people to create solutions for your specific business. Essential Tech provides high quality IT support that is tailored for your organisation, to promote business growth, productivity, and efficiency.

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