IT Support approaches: which one is right for your business?

Technology dominates the way businesses operate today and having the right approach for  IT support for your company is important. There are different approaches for IT support available and each has its benefits and will suit different budgets, industries, and businesses. 

Remote IT support

Remote IT support provides computer technicians who can plug into your network from a different location to your business and address problems quickly and easily. Businesses that choose remote support often don’t have the budget or resources to hire an individual or team to fill this role. Remote support offers a quick and hassle-free solution to address IT issues as they come up, usually with a help desk that operates 24/7.

On-site IT support

Onsite support is when an engineer, consultant, or other IT personnel provides technical assistance at an organisation's physical location. In most cases, it is necessary for the engineer to be onsite to access equipment or software that cannot be accessed remotely. Onsite support may be necessary if there is an issue with a piece of equipment that must be repaired or if there is a secure network that needs to be accessed. Onsite support is commonly required when a business has a large or complex network that cannot be managed remotely or when the customer has sensitive information that needs to be accessed by the engineer.

Benefits of on-site support include:

  • Support tailored to your business budget
  • Routine maintenance that is proactive and reduces unreliability and shutdowns
  • Improved security processes and technical operations
  • Reliable access to technical expertise

Break/fix support services

Break/fix is a form of on-site support whereby customers will contact the IT services company when upgrades or repairs are needed. Break/fix support is generally utilised by small businesses that don’t have the budget, resources, or expertise to troubleshoot and repair internal IT infrastructure.

Break/fix support is generally fee-based, meaning you will pay for an IT technician by the hour, with extra costs relating to repairs. There is also no ongoing proactive support provided after the initial IT issue is diagnosed and resolved. 

Managed IT services

As more businesses begin to invest in new technology and solutions that support and strengthen business workflows and growth, the need to ensure these solutions add value is ever greater. Managed IT support can ensure that the IT infrastructure of any size business is managed from top to bottom, including offering on-site support for networks, servers, hardware and software, and more. 

In addition, managed IT support can assist their customers with IT strategy and business continuity plans, to ensure their technology is aligned with their business goals and encourage optimal business performance while minimising IT spending.  Managed IT services can vary depending on the scale of your business needs, and are generally laid out in a service-level agreement that specifies the relationship between an MSP and a business client. 

Co-managed IT support services

In certain situations businesses want to choose the type of IT functions they outsource to a managed service provider, such as cyber security or communications. In this way, your business retains control over its IT infrastructure and maintains an internal IT support department, and combines the advantages of remote support. This is a flexible solution that helps businesses to save time, resources, and money while ensuring that specific IT areas are well looked after. 

What IT support approach is right for my business?

Overall, the type of technology support you choose might change as your business grows and evolves. One thing to bear in mind is to understand the difference between reactive and proactive IT support and how it fits in with your business model. 

Break/fix service and remote technology support can both be reactive in nature, as it is generally not until something breaks that support is called in. While this support is the least expensive, this approach to IT management can become the most costly over time, resulting in unpredictable IT costs. Managed service providers who offer reactive support can give you an honest assessment of your IT needs for the future and help you to decide if a more proactive IT management plan is needed. Managed IT takes a proactive approach, meaning your IT infrastructure is monitored for potential issues and solutions provided before they become a problem and disrupt business. 

Business IT support your way with the experts

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