Remote IT support that has you covered near or far – no matter where you are 

Remote IT support is a game changer for companies. No longer do you have to make a call and wait for an IT support technician to come out and fix your IT problems because now, you can get the fast and comprehensive support and solutions your business needs from afar with Essential Tech’s remote IT support. 
Nurture your business with benefits like: 

Increased productivity

Enhanced efficiency

Significant savings

Access to the latest technology

After hours service

And more

Essential Tech is about delivering the best remote IT support service that can be used by anyone and anywhere in the world, with as little effort on your end as possible. 

We stand firmly by our IT support model: Monitor. Identify. Resolve.  

IT support is not just about fixing computers; it's about helping people. It's about saving you from the stress of having to worry about what comes next. We were built to be here for you, and we're proud of our team at Essential Tech. We are a team of experts who have been in the IT industry since 2001. Our team members are highly experienced professionals who work hard, and never give up on a single customer. To provide the most comprehensive remote IT support services in Brisbane, we utilise the latest IT support tools to offer efficient and effective hosting and support for small-to-medium sized businesses.

Great Expectations? No problem. Essential Tech can fulfil them 

The most common question a business owner will ask is how to get started with IT support. Yet, they don't know how to find the right business partner for their needs. Essential Technology offers a full range of remote IT support services that can be tailored to the needs of any small-to-medium size business.
So, what can you expect? 

24/7 technical support

Setups and installations

Database management

Cloud computing

Security services

Incident-based support

Updates and upgrades

And much more

Essential Tech is the future of remote IT support – and your future starts now. 

Essential Tech’s team of experienced support engineers is the team you need to partner with. Your business is important, and our team understand that. We endeavour to listen to what you really need, so we can give you the IT support to help you scale sustainably and maximise uptime. If you want to get the most out of your IT, contact the team at Essential Tech. We can help your business have a brighter future.