SharePoint: 7 best features for businesses

In today’s digital world, there’s no need to keep paper files anymore. Instead, businesses are shifting to store their information digitally and making it readily available to as many users as easily as possible. That’s why more and more businesses are embracing cloud-based software like Microsoft SharePoint.

Whether you run a business that needs to integrate different systems or need a better way to manage information in your organisation, there are lots of great features in Microsoft SharePoint that will enhance your company’s productivity.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is an online collaboration and file sharing platform from Microsoft that lets you store content, share information, track projects, and collaborate across your entire team. When used properly, it’s an ideal way to organise and track all types of information, create a centralised digital library, and increase team efficiency by reducing duplication of effort.

As the digital hub of your business, it helps you find relevant information, automate business processes and share information with other departments and stakeholders.

External sharing

Access your digital content from other devices, like laptops, tablets, or phones. You can also access your content on other devices, like a computer at work or a friend’s device. SharePoint’s external sharing capabilities allow you to make content accessible to other people and devices in and outside of your organisation. You can also make content accessible to other people when they’re signed into their devices with their own accounts.

Visibility and reporting

SharePoint is designed to help people collaborate on content, share information and automate business processes. However, it is also a great tool for managers to gain insight into their team’s performance. This is because you can use tags and monitoring tools to easily search and monitor content in your organisation.

With a centralised management interface, you can also manage users, audit content and assign permissions with ease. You can also use management tools to easily assign permissions, audit content and manage users.

Enhanced data security

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) received 67.500 cybercrime reports in the last financial year – a rise of 13% on the previous year. With cyber threats increasing every day, it is essential for businesses to have a data management solution that helps them protect their data from threats.

Thanks to its advanced data security features, SharePoint is able to protect your information through Microsoft's security infrastructure, which is constantly monitored and updated. This ensures your data is always safe and secure. SharePoint also uses encryption and two-factor authentication to ensure only authorised users can access sensitive data, helping to protect your information from external threats.

Finally, SharePoint is also compliant with industry-leading cybersecurity standards, and it provides detailed logs to help you monitor user activity.

Easy integration with other apps

SharePoint makes it easy to connect your existing apps to your digital library. This allows users to access and create content in their preferred apps while maintaining one central repository of all their information. You can also use APIs to create custom integrations with third-party apps, which lets you seamlessly integrate various apps together.

It also means you don’t have to worry about keeping your data in sync across multiple platforms. If your company uses Microsoft 365 or any other suite of software, you can connect your SharePoint site and start using your digital library right away.

Centralised administration

SharePoint provides a centralised management solution for your organisation’s various online services, such as CRM, Hubspot, and SIS. This lets you manage all your different systems from a single interface, keeping everything more streamlined.

SharePoint also provides a central interface for managing your organisation’s security settings, such as which users can view or edit which types of content.

Multi-purpose built-in functionality

SharePoint is designed for a variety of uses. It can be used to track projects, create custom dashboards, manage your organisation’s content and calendars, and more. It can also help you stay organised and track projects, manage your content and information, and create custom dashboards for your team.

Document management

With many businesses relying on documents for management purposes, SharePoint is a great option for them. You can easily create and organise content using rich features like sorting, tags, bookmarks and metadata. You can also create and edit documents using a familiar interface, while security features like digital signatures and encryption help you protect your data.

SharePoint will help you track and manage your company’s documents, such as contracts, proposals, reports, and more. You can also create custom rules and workflow to automate tasks, such as tracking document approvals and creating a distribution list of who has seen each document.

Deploy and manage SharePoint with expert help

SharePoint is a great option to manage your digital processes as it offers powerful functionality, scalability and flexibility. If you want a powerful platform that enables you to easily create content and collaborate with your team, this is the service for you.

As a Certified Microsoft Partner, the team at Essential Tech can help you deploy SharePoint into your business, train your users, and manage the platform for optimal performance and support. Talk to them today and get started.

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