How SharePoint can empower your employees

SharePoint is a collaboration tool that allows employees to work on documents and workflows together. It also provides document management, records management, and content management for your company.

With SharePoint, you can make sure that your employees are always working on the right project at the right time. It can be used to create content, collaborate with colleagues, and share information.

With this in mind, you can use SharePoint to empower your employees with the latest tools and technologies.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a Microsoft collaboration platform that enables teams to collaborate on documents, workflows, and applications. It also provides social networking features like blogs and wikis, as well as document management capabilities like version control.

It is a collaborative tool that centralises data in one place, allowing your business to share information and collaborate on projects. As an enterprise-level platform that provides access to data, files, and applications from any device, it has been used in various industries such as education, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and media.

The platform is used by organisations worldwide to share information about their business processes and products with their customers or employees.

Greater productivity

One way that SharePoint helps in organisation productivity is by giving employees different tools such as wikis, blogs, calendars, content management systems, project management systems, and more. These tools give your employees the ability to collaborate on projects and share information.

Employees are also easily able to track their progress with metrics. This makes it easier for your company to see how well they are doing with their projects without having to rely on averages or guesswork.

SharePoint also structures email management in a more efficient manner. This reduces the amount of time spent organising information coming from your field reps or other sources; you can focus more on the task at hand while still getting important messages delivered efficiently.

Enhanced collaboration

SharePoint provides a central location for all of your company’s conversation, information, project management, and team members. If your employees are located in different locations or have too many tasks to be able to complete them on their own time, SharePoint can help you accomplish more with less effort.

It also helps eliminate confusion among employees by providing a single view point for everything that is happening in your company. When using SharePoint, it becomes easier to see what has been completed and what tasks are coming up.

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Simplified data sharing

SharePoint allows for easy and intuitive data sharing with your employees. It has the ability to set permissions so that only specific people can access certain types of information.

SharePoint also makes it easy to move from one workstation to another and instantly find the files you need. It’s an all-in-one productivity tool that helps employees share documents in real time, collaborate on projects with ease, and manage their workflow easily.

It also makes it easy to find old files, as well as make edits or new changes through the document library's version history feature.

Easy Microsoft 365 integration

SharePoint is incredibly easy to integrate with Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft 365 is the cloud-based software suite designed for teams and businesses of all sizes. This integration makes it easy to share documents and data, as well as collaborate on different projects.

SharePoint can be used as an enterprise content repository for storing documents, media files, and other types of files in the cloud. It also allows users to share documents, ideas, or other types of content through other Microsoft collaboration platforms, like Teams.

Strong security features

SharePoint can be used as a platform for all your company’s documents. This means that all crucial information is securely stored in one place and can be found easily.

The platform has various security features that make it an ideal platform for businesses to use. It can provide protection to the company’s intellectual property and data, while also ensuring that the company’s employees are not sharing confidential information with their competitors.

SharePoint also provides a secure environment for collaboration between employees and business partners, which helps businesses grow exponentially as they share knowledge and ideas across offices.

Transform your business processes

Companies that use SharePoint have seen improved collaboration and productivity. For example, you can use SharePoint to improve communications, increase speed and efficiency with processes, and reduce costs.

With SharePoint, you can share files, collaborate on documents with co-workers without having to worry about transferring the file or providing more than one person permission to work on it. You can also set up custom alerts and reminders for all of your documents so everyone knows when an important file is due for review.

By using this tool, you’ll be able to spend less time managing your project workflow and more time completing your projects.

Grow your business with SharePoint

From helping to innovate and take advantage of technological advances to improving productivity and reducing the amount of time spent on administrative tasks, SharePoint can provide many advantages for your business.

The IT consultants at Essential Tech are specialists when it comes to all Microsoft 365 services. They will collaborate with you to implement SharePoint into your business and train you and your staff on its best uses. Talk to them today and discover more.

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