Break/Fix vs Managed Services - what's best for you?

Technology has quickly become central to every part of our lives – particularly when it comes to business. Without it, we would still be using pen and paper to write up reports, make or take orders, and detail receipts for goods and services. Technology truly is a godsend for modern business, but what happens when it breaks?

IT problems can have a huge impact on your business and your bottom line, so it’s important to know what your options are when it comes to IT support.

The two most common options to deal with your IT environment are known as Break/Fix or Managed Services, but what do they even mean, and which one should you choose?

The Situation

It’s Friday night, and you’re burning the midnight oil trying to finish up an important presentation for your stakeholders meeting on Monday morning. Everyone has long gone for the day, so it’s just you and your computer – not an unusual situation. You’ve put in some long hours getting this presentation finished, and it shows, but it’s finally up to scratch now, so you hit save.

You rub your tired eyes but decide to check your emails one last time before heading home. Within seconds of opening the first email, though, your computer shuts down. Your heart starts to beat a little faster as the worst-case scenario comes flooding into your brain despite your attempts to keep it at bay. The screen is black, and the device won’t respond.

This is a nightmare scenario for a lot of people and only a small example of the IT problems that businesses can experience, so how do you deal with it?

it women showing confusing face, after seeing something terrible on the laptop  

The Break/Fix Model

Technology can be expensive, which is why you may think that it’s a better idea to fork out the initial costs and then trust that it’ll be smooth sailing from that point forward, and if a storm comes, you’ll deal with it when/if it happens.

If you’re lucky, that storm will never come, and everything will be fine. If that storm does come, though, you best remember it could be a costly one.

This is the ‘Break/Fix’ model in all its glory. Essentially, you outlay costs for technology, and then do nothing until something goes wrong. It’s a reactive approach at its best, and for a lot of businesses, this is probably the model they have been working with. But is it the most cost-effective solution for your IT environment?


The break/fix model can be very costly for many reasons, and we are not just talking about money. Issues such as service interruptions, corrupted software, data breaches will impact more than just your employees. They could impact your turnover, damage your reputation, and halt operations for lengthy periods of time.

So, if you have any technology issues, it’s necessary that you deal with them as quickly as possible to maintain business continuity. Technology doesn’t care if it’s Christmas Day, and an IT technician offering break/fix services will cost you the proverbial arm and a leg, though, so be prepared for an astronomical bill!

There is an easier, more cost-effective solution, though - managed services.

IT tele calling officer handing their client happily

The ‘Managed Services’ model

Managed service providers (MSP) are revolutionising the world of technology and quickly replacing the break/fix model with their cost-effective service offerings. Whereas the break/fix model is a reactive approach, MSPs have taken on the ‘prevention is better than a cure’ ethos by focussing their attention on a proactive approach – and they’re available whenever and wherever you need them.

For a flat monthly fee, an MSP will proactively monitor and manage your IT environment to detect issues and solve problems BEFORE they can impact your business. They focus on implementing preventative measures that will ensure your technology investment is protected and operating efficiently at all times, boosting your ROI.

Their services typically include 24/7 monitoring and management, backup and disaster recovery, cybersecurity strategies, actionable solutions to possible future problems, access to the latest technology, comprehensive IT support, and fast response times should something go wrong. You get all this and a team of subject matter experts packed into the one low monthly cost.

Managed service providers are the elite athletes of the industry, and they use their skills and experience to make sure your business stays up and running - always.

The Solution

Technology can be a fantastic investment for your business, and it can be even better when it’s taken care of proactively. While the break/fix model may be attractive to some business owners, it may not be the most effective solution - especially as your business grows and the stakes are higher.

You may think that the ongoing monthly fees of an MSP may be an unnecessary outlay, but the truth is that it’s really an investment aimed at securing your business and giving you peace of mind. With an MSP, you get more bang for your buck, and that’s just smart business.

If you think it’s time to consult with a managed service provider to see what value they can add to your business, contact the team at Essential Tech today. As a leading MSP, they can proactively get your business where it needs to be.  

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