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Michael-1An Update From Michael

Winter has officially come and gone, and we are well on our way towards Summer. It’s not just the seasons that are changing, either, because here at Essential Tech, we’ve been making some very exciting changes as well!

The most important of these changes is Essential Tech’s acquisition of Swytch, another Brisbane-based managed IT services provider, in order to provide you with an even better range of IT support and services. As a result of this acquisition, the skilled IT professionals behind Swytch have officially joined the Essential Tech team and will soon be working alongside the IT support team you know and love to help tackle your business goals with the assistance of technology.

We hope that you’ll welcome Essential Tech’s new team members warmly!

In terms of what Essential Tech’s acquisition of Swytch means for you, for now, everything will continue with business as usual, and we’ll keep you updated on any changes that may occur.

Read About Essential Tech’s Merger In CRN & ARN

In July 2021, Essential Tech officially acquired fellow managed services provider Swytch as part of its goal to improve its operations across Australia. Read more about the merger on CRN and ARN.

From The Solutions Desk

Brendan-1Brendan’s Update

It has been a very busy month and hate to say it, but Christmas will soon be approaching. Stock issues on laptops, firewalls, monitors, docks and desktop equipment are still causing some challenges. In the past, we could quote and feel comfortable that a week or 2 later, the stock would be available. Now we are seeing quotes done in the morning being accepted a few days later, and the stock being gone so we do need to move quick. 

We hear that these stock issues will start to improve especially as we head into 2022, but there are some alternate brands we can go to that are more available at the moment.

Spring is also the time of year we start to see incentives from our international brands and vendors as they want to hit their usually aggressive Q4 goals, so if you are considering large upgrades, it's worth getting in touch with us well in advance so that we can register the deal with the vendor to get, in some cases, a further 15-20% off a bid price.

Monthly Special

I thought I would put this month's spotlight on a product a little away from the normal computer equipment we usually deal with – security cameras. Traditionally, you would have to seek a security expert to install a separate system for these. These days, though, security cameras can often be added to your network, meaning they can run with little more than an ethernet cable plugged into your switch in the comms room and can be accessed remotely from your smart phone or computer.

From The Service Desk

Simon-1Simon’s Update

This month’s update from the service desk is focusing on the Windows 11 release, which has the IT world a-buzz.

In this latest release of Windows, Microsoft is aiming to introduce a more user-friendly interface that allows you to easily switch between general desktop and touchscreen devices. It will also be able to side-load android applications previously only available on mobile phones and will remember your Windows configuration layout when connecting to and disconnecting from docking stations.

And do you want to know the best part? The upgrade to Windows 11 will be entirely seamless and free for eligible consumers.

Want to know more about Windows 11 and how it may benefit you or your organisation? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and a member of our newly combined team will be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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