IT is the key to hybrid work

The future of work is changing, and a new era of hybrid work is upon us. Flexibility has become a key aspect of working. Allowing employees to choose whether they want to work at the office or at home has become expected of employers.

Hybrid working is a work model that gives your staff the opportunity to choose where they want to work, whether that’s at the office, at home, or at a café.

The change to a hybrid work model is the perfect opportunity for a digital transformation in your workplace. Now is the time to rethink how your business operates, consider the benefits of a hybrid model, and discover cutting-edge technology that will help you overtake the competition.

Hybrid work: the best of both worlds

Shifting towards remote work was the result of COVID-19. Many companies had to close their doors temporarily for the health and safety of their employees and customers.

As the COVID storm begins to calm down, organisations are realising that it's not sustainable to run a full-time in-office working model, and employees need more flexibility and freedom. One strategy for successful business management is embracing hybrid working models.

Flexible working options is no longer just about the pandemic needs. Workers have become accustomed to the freedom to choose their working situations. With successful COVID-19 vaccination programs well underway, many employers are starting to ask their employees to return to office work again.

Allowing your employees to choose where and when to work validates their wants and needs, and shows that you trust them to complete their work, regardless of their physical location. In fact, a recent study showed that 40% of employees would likely look for other work is their company did not adopt a hybrid working model.

Flexibility has proven to save workers both time and money from commuting to their offices. A good employee experience is vital to keeping your staff content and productive; if they are forced back into inefficient processes and schedules simply because it’s how things were before, you can look forward to a loss of productivity, trust, and transparency.

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The value of IT in hybrid work

IT is the key to success in a hybrid work scenario. With the right IT infrastructure, your employees are able to work remotely, but still in a productive manner. It also reduces the cost of office space and costly IT hardware and equipment, which is expensive not only to purchase and run, but upgrade and maintain.

With a hybrid working situation, it is essential to make sure that both your employees’ remote and in-office locations are properly equipped so that work in any location remains productive. One of the most vital concerns is stable, well-established communication channels and workflow processes.

Effective video conferencing apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams became indispensable when the pandemic took off and lockdowns were imposed, and have remained a popular use of communication for co-workers to collaborate and set up meetings. Without effective collaboration tools and applications, you risk your employees becoming disconnected, disengaged, and unproductive.

Technology is playing a big part in the transition to a hybrid work model. It can help organizations experiment with different operational models to find what works best for their business needs, customer expectations, and collaboration between co-workers.

A hybrid model needs more than a PC at the office, laptop at home, and an internet connection between the two. Computing solutions, such as cloud computing and outsourcing to managed services, is able to provide real-time insights to businesses that are transitioning into a hybrid work model.

The right IT infrastructure will blur the barriers between the physical and virtual workplace, giving everyone a feeling of connectivity and effective collaboration, while retaining the comfort and freedom of choosing their workplace.

With the right tools, a hybrid work model will help to your company grow and develop in line with your goals and customer’s expectations. You'll be able to achieve your business goals and stay connected with your employees in today's ever-changing workplace.

Discover your IT needs for hybrid working

The right technology is vital for the transition to a hybrid working model. Your business will benefit from greater efficiency, your customers will be satisfied with a more personalised experience, and your employees will be gratified with the consideration given towards their well-being and freedom.

Get expert advice and insights into the IT infrastructure you need to thrive on a hybrid working model from the specialists at Essential Tech. They’ll put you on the right path towards improving your business as it transitions to a hybrid working environment.

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