Move to the Cloud, But Adopt These Security Measures to Protect Yourself and Others

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The case for cloud services is easy to argue. Its affordability, convenience, and incredible ROI have attracted more than 94% of organisations to cloud computing as of 2020. The fact that some of the world’s biggest companies have switched to cloud services is testament to the robustness and stability of cloud services.

However, security remains the biggest concern following several high-profile attacks. The attacks involving The Marriott hotel, Twitter and Zoom come to mind. 

These shocking attacks don’t seem to slow the uptake of cloud security services, nor should they. Only misguided people would have you think that onsite IT infrastructure is safer than cloud services. A better understanding of this problem by executives is necessary to ensure better security and relieve unnecessary worry.

1. The Weakest Link in Cloud Security is the Client

Despite what you may believe, users are the most vulnerable to attacks when it comes to cloud security. Cloud companies and data centres employ very high-level security features and policies by default. They have entire teams dedicated to security and backup, sharing the security costs between the users. 

The problem comes in on the client-side. Through improper cloud configurations and use of APIs, clients expose themselves and others to attacks. The most common cloud security issues arise from improper configuration, weak encryption and poor access control.

2. Your Choice of a Partner for Cloud Services Matters

As the demand for cloud services rises, a lot of phony companies have sprouted. Such companies might market themselves as private cloud service providers, which means they can’t host more than one client at a time. They also sell backup and disaster recovery services as an add-on, which should come standard with the package. 

Unless you go for the market leaders such as Google Cloud Services, Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure, make sure you vet and evaluate your cloud services provider. After all, you are literally putting your business in their hands.

3. Internal Control Structures Influence your Cloud Security

In the famous CapitalOne bank attack, incorrect firewall configuration was the cause of the data breach. This can be linked directly to improper internal management and control structures. Where different departments and users within an organisation are configuring and using the same cloud service, it can be difficult to know who’s doing what. Even the security policies on which many enterprises rely are inadequate.

4. Proactive Measures can Help Prevent Cloud Attacks

In the Twitter breach, a coordinated phone phishing attack was the start of the hack where users were targeted in an attempt to gain access to the internal systems. Again, hackers always look for the weakest link in the chain. There is also the risk of insider threats, deliberate or not.

Proactive security protocols such as regular audits and intrusion detection methods should be employed both in internal networks and in the cloud environment to help catch attacks if and when they do happen.

5. Understand Cloud Models and Demand the Latest Security

Cloud attacks are getting more sophisticated, but so are the security measures. You need up-to-date knowledge of the latest security protocols and compliance requirements and make sure that your cloud services provider adheres to the same. 

Managed IT Security Services to Close Your Cloud Security Gap

It is commonly understood that cloud security is a shared responsibility, but not many organisations are aware just how important their role is. On one hand, you have sophisticated cloud security professionals, and on the other, you have untrained users with full login access.

At Essential Tech, we can help you move your business processes to the cloud and take full advantage of its associated benefits while keeping you safe from client-side cloud security threats. 

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