Defend your organisation from rapidly increasing cybercrime threats. Essential Tech Managed Security Services offers the technology and expertise that you need to secure your network, systems and data around the clock at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house security.

Cyberattacks On The Rise


The damage cyberattacks do to organisations can affect the viability of businesses. A cyber attack will cause important services to fail, prolonged downtime, locked business data from ransomware attacks and recovery costs. It is a serious threat with major implications.

As a result, choosing which comprehensive security services your organisation will utilise should not be taken lightly. Don’t let cyber attack damage your company’s reputation. Prevention is always better than cure. Working with a managed security service provider can provide you peace of mind, knowing you’re protected.

What Is Managed Security?


Managed security is an outsourced IT solution that is provided by a third-party provider to oversee an organisation’s network and information security processes. It is conducted by a group of experts either in-house or remotely.

Due to increasing security breaches and cyber threats, organisations are now investing their IT security budgets into managed security service providers (MSSPs) who can proactively monitor and manage their infrastructure and workstations 24/7, whilst other organisations hire service providers to conduct IT security audits or respond to a cybersecurity incident.

MSSPs professional services usually include vulnerability scanning, threat detection, device management, penetration testing, endpoint management, intelligent log management, risk management, data loss prevention, next-generation firewall management, threat monitoring and analysis, antivirus, application security, cloud security, security event management, data backup and disaster recovery.

If your organisation lacks in-house security resources and is looking for a cost-effective solution to improve your security posture, then this solution can be a valuable investment for your business.

Here are a few facts:

In excess of $600 billion will be spent on cybersecurity measures between 2015 and 2020

Spending on the protection of company networks is estimated to increase 51%, while spending on securing mobile and endpoint devices is estimated to increase 50%.

Spending on the securing the Internet of Things(IoT) is exprected to increase 500% over the next five years.


MSSPs offer businesses of all sizes the opportunity to protect their networks, sensitive data and information at the highest level. Partnering with an Australian security services provider offers the following benefits:

Access To Security Experts


The primary benefit of partnering with a security provider is the access to security experts who proactively monitor and analyse your systems – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! The area of IT security requires continuous learning and training to ensure the security team are updated with the latest developments, tools and technologies available which they can use to strengthen the security of their clients’ organisation. Organisations who outsourced their IT security to certified security experts are often more secure as they’re always aware of the latest cyber threats and how to prevent and respond during these security events.

Reduce IT Costs


Outsourcing to a professional security service provider is a cost-effective strategy to get enterprise-level of security for your organisation. An In-house security advisor usually has a six-figure salary and to fully maintain the security of your organisation you’ll need to hire more than one to handle your entire operations. With MSSP, you can get the same benefits of onboarding an in-house security team at a fraction of the cost. You can also save money on training, as a good MSSP company continuously provides training and education to their security team to ensure they are all updated with the latest cybersecurity trends.

Level The Playing Field


Statistics show that more than 60% of cyberattacks are aimed at SMBs, so it makes sense that they should also have access to a higher level of security to protect their assets. In the past, large companies had the resources available to access enterprise security since it is expensive to hire and maintain a team of in-house security who will monitor your organisation’s network and systems. Today, with the help of third-party security services provider, SMBs can now have access to the same level of security to protect their business from cyber criminals within their budget reach.

Focus On Your Business


Hiring Essential Tech as your MSP frees up your time so that you can focus on core business activities without worrying about IT and security. Your internal team can reclaim the time that they needed to focus on more important things, which can improve your business bottom line. From the moment you are partnered with us, you will instantly have access to our expertise and will ensure that your network and systems run smooth and secured 24/7.

What We Do

Virtual CISO


As your VCIO, or Virtual Chief Information Officer, we will be in charge of your network protection, ensuring it can mitigate potential cyber threats by implementing firewalls, endpoint detection, advanced threat protection and other security technology recommendations to accomplish overall business objectives.

Network Security

We understand how your network operates and implement the best network security tools and security policies to protect your private network, network traffic and secure data from unauthorised access, modification or any advanced threats targeting your network.

Email Security

We used predictive email security to combat today’s threats, such as spam emails, phishing emails and ransomware, to secure our client accounts and information from hackers. 

Web Security

Websites and web applications are prone to cyberattacks due to known vulnerabilities. To prevent this, we proactively monitor and filter web traffic to detect and eradicate any threats to reduce the risks of cyberattacks.

Disaster Recovery

Downtime, outages and system failures can cause major damage to your business. Essential Tech’s data backup and recovery plan will ensure your business has access to important applications, data and uninterrupted IT operations in the event of a disaster.

Security Monitoring

ETG security monitoring helps clients mitigate losses by monitoring and analysing the entire security of your IT environment from potential threats, suspicious behaviour and unauthorised system changes and take action as needed.

Incident Response

Our incident response services team can help you get back to business quickly by handling critical security incidents efficiently. We analyse your IT environment for malicious activity, leverage threat intelligence and implement a tailored solution that will prevent business interruption and future breaches.

Penetration Testing

Knowing the vulnerabilities in your network systems is one of the most effective ways of improving your defences against cybercriminals. Conducting a penetration test using real-world attack can help your organisation find these security vulnerabilities and strengthen it to prevent security breaches. This will help you preserve your organisation’s data integrity and reputation.

Cloud Security

The cloud provides many benefits to businesses including scalability and cost-effectiveness, but the cloud,like any other technology, comes with its own security risk. 

Cloud security providers can help you secure your cloud infrastructure against distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, unauthorised access and advanced threats to ensure you get the most out of your cloud environment.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management as a service is a cost-effective way of scanning and analysing your IT environment to find weaknesses in your network and most critical assets. We provide granular and actionable reports to help you understand and focus your remediation efforts to what matters most.

Business Continuity

Our business continuity services can minimise the business impact of the disaster-level incident by automating the entire process of backing up your data – both locally and in the cloud – and restoring your services in a worst-case scenario. Your data will be available and online, while critical business information will be secure, being quickly and easily recoverable. We offer you peace of mind by monitoring your backups, ensuring they are ready if disaster strikes.

Managed Firewall

A firewall is the first line of defence in network security and to ensure its effectiveness it requires regular maintenance and adjustments to firewall rules and policies to protect your organisation. It is not a set-it-and-forget-it type of security. A managed firewall service is a cost-effective solution to address the issues of lack of expertise, limited budget and lack of time to implement a complicated firewall in your organisation.

Endpoint Management

Today’s rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape demands high-level endpoint security to protect your end-user devices. Endpoint devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, storage devices must be secured all the time to keep your business information safe. Our endpoint management service lets you manage devices and applications for your users to maximise uptime and productivity.

Intrusion Detection And Prevention

Cyber risks and attacks are some of the most serious threats facing today’s businesses. These attacks may come from criminal characters outside the company or internal weaknesses. The best way to keep your company safe from these risks is to get assistance from a comprehensive and effective managed IT security team.

How Do I Know Which Services I Need?

When choosing managed IT security services, it is hard to determine the solutions and services that will meet your needs and one size does not fit all. Your company needs tailor-made solutions. Here are a few questions to help you determine the solutions and services you need:

Are Your Current Services Integrated Throughout Your Organisation?

An IT setup that is integrated and easy to use, even for those with a moderate understanding of the technical aspects of IT, provides you with a number of benefits. These benefits include increased productivity, error minimisation and a decrease in the number of problems. Ask yourself: Are my current services as integrated as they could be – if they are integrated at all? If you answered ‘no’ to this question, you need to rectify the situation as soon as possible. The best way to achieve this is through a risk-management strategy and a tailor-made program that fits with your existing infrastructure. You need an understanding of important areas such as the design of your IT infrastructure, cloud computing and cyber security solutions.

The successful implementation of these services will result in the following benefits:
– Optimised surveillance.
– Improved communication.
– Enhanced employee workflows.

Are You Able To Remotely Access Your Network Securely?

One of the most vulnerable points of a business network is accessing it from a mobile device. Smartphones, laptops and tablets are susceptible to outside access and exploitation. A breach can wreak havoc on your valuable business data. Remote business network access is of paramount importance to your business. If you are unsure of the security of your remote access, you need to assess the risks and undertake comprehensive testing. As experts in the field of managed IT security, we understand these risks and the likelihood of their occurrence. For example, wireless access points are a prime area of vulnerability for most companies. We can ensure that your wireless access points are secured, in both hardware and software. Another example is that if an employee’s mobile device is stolen; and the device is connected to your network; it can cause damage to your organisation.

Is Your Firewall Performing At Its Best While Protecting Your Servers, Networks And Endpoints?

The best way to prevent disaster is to ensure that threats do not ‘get past the front gate’. A firewall has a similar purpose to the moats and gates of a castle. As a firewall is one of the most important components in your fight against outside risk, it is important to determine if your firewall offers you the best protection possible. Given how rapidly software and hardware becomes obsolete, while the capabilities of hackers and phishers is increasing, it is necessary to evaluate new options as they become available. Essential Tech has the up-to-date knowledge to identify the solutions offering the most comprehensive benefits and to keep abreast with the best choices.

Do You Have A Disaster Recovery Plan In Place?

Regardless of whether you feel your network is protected, an effective disaster recovery plan is important. Unexpected problems can cause hours, days or, even weeks, of costly downtime. Our comprehensive plan offers you a clear and targeted disaster recovery plan. We analyse the best way to get you back online quickly and are on stand-by to assist you.

Why Choose Essential Tech?


The benefit of managed security services is that you do not have to spend valuable time (or lose patience) dealing with IT issues yourself. This gives you time to focus on growing your business and what you do best. We have extensive training and experience in dealing with IT security solutions, which means that your company does not need to have these skills in-house. We help your company excel in the IT security arena. Why struggle with technical issues yourself, when our experts can take care of it for you?

Got Any Questions?

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We will ensure your IT runs smoothly, so you can focus on running the business. From basic infrastructure monitoring and management, to fully managed network services with end-user support.


We will build a security strategy and incorporate to your organisation to ensure your users, data and business are safe from potential security threats and compliant.


We provide IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions for any business model. Our team of expert cloud engineers will work with you to identify and build a scalable IT environment for your business.


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Business Internet

We offer reliable, fast and secured business internet services that is just right for your business. This will help you keep doing what you do best with minimal interruptions or fuss.

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