Why your law firm needs Managed Threat Detection and Response (MTDR)

The threat of cyber-attacks against your law firm is an ever-present danger, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take active steps to protect your clients, sensitive data, and reputation. In fact, an astonishing number of businesses now recognise the risk posed by cyber threats and are taking action as a result.

Some law firms are adopting managed threat and detection response (MTDR) services in order to optimise their ability to rapidly detect and respond to cyber-attacks, and actively search out threats hidden in their network.

In this blog, we explore why your law firm needs Managed Threat Detection and Response services and how they can help you and your law firm.

What is MTDR?

Managed Threat Detection and Response (MTDR) is a set of technologies, processes, and people that are designed to detect threats, respond automatically to them, and ensure they are contained. These services use network traffic analysis and visualisation, threat intelligence, threat hunters, and endpoint detection and response to prevent attacks before they can occur, or at least reduce the impact of an attack if it does occur.

MTDR service providers perform a range of activities, including threat detection, threat hunting and analysis, incident response and clean-up, and forensics.

The concept of managed threat response is simple: protect your organisation from cyber-attacks by actively hunting for threats before they strike.

Cyber threats pose risks to law firms

Law firms are a key target for cybercriminals; legal service firms are one of the top five industries in Australia to report data breaches.

As a law firm, you have a lot of sensitive data stored on your network. This could be client information, personal data, financial information, or any number of other confidential data types. If there is one thing that you have to be careful about, it is keeping your data secure.

If your network is breached by cybercriminals, they could steal this sensitive data and misuse it in many ways. This could cause your law firm to lose significant revenue, damage your reputation, or face legal action from clients whose data has been compromised.

Why your law firm needs MTDR

Reduce risk

MTDR services can help reduce risk by detecting and responding to malicious activity before it causes harm. They provide visibility into network traffic, detect anomalies in system behaviour, and alert administrators when events occur that may indicate a security threat.

By having an understanding of how threats behave prior to an attack, MTDR services help law firms better prepare themselves and reduce the impact of an incident once it has already occurred.

Detect suspicious activity

The main purpose of MTDR services is to detect suspicious activity within your systems and network. When detected, an alert is sent to your security team in order for them to take action.

This is a crucial part of MTDR services as the proactive detection ensures your security team is on top of any malicious activity before it has a chance to damage your systems or steal data. With a slow detection rate, you run the risk of being much more susceptible to data breaches and threat actors.

Respond to threats rapidly

One of the biggest issues faced by businesses is how long it can take to respond to cyber attacks. Depending upon the circumstances, it could take days or weeks before you respond to a cyber attack. This is simply not good enough in today’s business environment, where the threat of cyber attacks is ever-present. Businesses need to be able to respond to threats almost instantaneously.

This is where MTDR services come in. This allows you to respond to threats in real time, ensuring that your organisation stays resilient in the face of cyber-attacks.

Meet compliance

Australian law firms must comply with regulations set down by the Law Council of Australia. Not complying with data protection regulations could result in severe fines, so it is essential for legal firms to ensure they are compliant.

Fortunately, MTDR services can help to ensure your law firm is compliant with data protection regulations. Managed threat response services can track and record all data breaches, thus helping to demonstrate that you are compliant with the law. Your security team will work to identify and contain any incidents before they escalate to mitigate the impact if an incident does occur by quickly restoring normal operations.


Protect your law firm with the best MTDR service providers

The threat of cyber-attacks against your law firm is an ever-present danger, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take active steps to protect your clients, sensitive data, and reputation. Sophos MDR is a leading cyber security detection and response service, safeguarding businesses of all industries against cyber-attacks, monitoring for suspicious activity, and alerting you as soon as any threats are discovered.

The managed Sophos MDR providers at Essential Tech are threat hunting and analyst specialists. They can implement this advanced cyber security service into your business and fully manage it for your optimal and proactive protection.

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