Ways How Unified Communications Can Improve Customer Service

Regardless of the industry that you are in, you should provide quality customer service. The easiest way of keeping customers satisfied is by enabling your employees to communicate more effectively. When customers reach out, you should be able to respond quickly, regardless of the medium of communication they use. By upgrading to a unified communications (UC) platform, contacting your customers won’t feel like a chore anymore.

What Does UC Entail?

UC involves streamlining communication between your customers and employees by allowing them to communicate via the channels they prefer. All the available communication channels get integrated into one interconnected entity, thus breaking down communication barriers between you and your customers. Integrating all your communication systems leads to digital transformation at your organization.

Improving Customer Service with UC

Here’s how unified communications can help improve customer service at your organization:

  • Faster Resolution of Customer Queries

Unifying your communications techniques, media, and devices improves first call resolution. It enables agents to identify the right person to resolve customers’ queries quickly. Whenever customers contact you, they want instant and accurate solutions to the issues that they are facing.

UC enables you to provide accurate information quickly to your customers without putting them on hold or transferring them from one employee to another. Customers can even request your agents to return their calls when the right employee is available. Such efficient cross-organizational communication goes a long way in optimizing customer service.

  • Better Audio Quality

Most of the major issues that customers raise relate to audio quality whenever they communicate with call centres. UC offers better quality audios compared to traditional telephony. Whenever they call customer service agents, customers like getting the impression that the communication us private.

With UC, customers will get the impression that they are speaking with your agents privately. This isn’t the case in traditional telephony whereby both customers and agents often ask the other party to recap some information. Ultimately, this hinders effective communication between them. UC improves sound quality, thus ensuring effective customer service.

  • Makes You Available to Customers Always

If your company operates 24/7, you need to be available to customers at all times. Likewise, you should communicate with them via multiple channels. A customer who decides to make inquiries late into the night needs to get the assistance that he/she deserves. UC solutions make you available to such customers.

A unified platform pulls together communications from each of the channels that you use. This allows you to swiftly respond to even those queries that are made beyond working hours. Besides, you’ll be able to consistently deliver customer service across multiple devices and channels in real-time.

  • UC Enhances Interactions

UC platforms and solutions give you more options as far as communicating with your customers is concerned. You won’t have to rely on phone calls or emails alone to communicate with them. Instead, you can introduce chatbots, social media, and other channels that help you improve customer service massively.

Collaborative tools such as video conferencing allow your employees to walk customers through possible solutions to their queries. Consequently, customers will feel that you genuinely care about them, thus creating stronger relationships with your organization.

Excellent customer service is all about doing what’s best for customers. Whenever you communicate with them, you should always provide a positive experience to them. That means delivering accurate information as quickly as possible whenever and however they contact you.

If you want to interact efficiently with your customers, consider upgrading to Essential Tech’s Unified Communications solutions. Contact us to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with our experts and learn more about our UC solutions.

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