Setup and Optimise Your Enterprise Ethernet

Every transaction, communication, and operational task often relies on the internet, making a stable connection no longer just a luxury, but a necessity. For Australian businesses, the National Broadband Network (nbn) offers a solution tailored to these needs: the nbn Enterprise Ethernet.

The nbn Enterprise Ethernet is a premium-grade, fibre broadband service designed explicitly for medium to large businesses and government institutions. Unlike regular broadband offerings, Enterprise Ethernet provides a dedicated point-to-point connection. This means no more sharing bandwidth with neighbouring businesses or homes, giving your operations the undivided attention it deserves.

Why do businesses need a strong connection?

A dependable and speedy internet connection is not just about surfing the web faster; it's about ensuring that every aspect of your business runs smoothly and efficiently to keep up with demand.

Cloud computing: More businesses are shifting to cloud-based solutions for data storage, applications, and infrastructure. A stable connection ensures seamless access and interaction with these cloud services.

Video conferencing: Video calls and conferences are a standard in most modern business operations. A fast and reliable connection is crucial to maintain clear communication without any disruptions.

Digital transactions: Whether it's a retail business processing online orders or a B2B enterprise managing large data transfers, a stable connection guarantees that transactions are processed efficiently without costly delays.

Customer experience: Customers expect quick responses and seamless online interactions. Any downtime or lag can impact reputation and cause potential clients to quickly lose interest.

Assessing your Enterprise Ethernet needs

Implementing the nbn Enterprise Ethernet isn’t merely about plugging in a new device and expecting it to work seamlessly. Like any other business tool, to harness its full potential, a structured approach and understanding are essential.

Before diving into setup and management, it's crucial to assess and understand the specific requirements of your business. Different industries have diverse requirements. For example, while a design agency might necessitate fast speeds for large file transfers, a retailer might prioritise uninterrupted Point of Sale (POS) transactions.

Not all data your business processes are of the same significance. Some applications, especially those delivering real-time data like video conferencing or POS systems, need priority. With the Enterprise Ethernet, you can give essential business applications precedence over general data, ensuring consistent performance and minimising lags or drops.

How to setup the Enterprise Ethernet connection

Let’s break down the powerhouse connection step by step:

  1. Determine eligibility: Before diving in, ensure your business location is within the nbn Enterprise Ethernet coverage area. Most locations within nbn’s Fixed Line footprint are eligible, but a quick consultation with a service provider will give you a definitive answer.
  2. Engage with a service provider: Choose a service provider who offers Enterprise Ethernet connectivity services. They will act as your point of contact with nbn and guide you through the process.
  3. On-request fibre build: Unlike standard connections, the Enterprise Ethernet is an “on-request” product. This means a new fibre connection will be built to your premises. Once you (through your service provider) place an order, nbn will initiate the build. This bespoke solution ensures the connection is tailored to your business premises, be it a high-rise building, a business park, or a shopping centre.
  4. Site survey and design: An nbn technician will visit your business location to conduct a site survey. This is essential to understand the best way to run the fibre to your premises. Post survey, a fibre design tailored to your site’s specific requirements will be crafted.
  5. Installation: With a design in hand, the nbn will commence the physical installation. This involves laying down the fibre line and setting up the necessary equipment inside your premises. A crucial component of this setup is the Business Network Termination Device (BNTD), a carrier-grade device designed for high performance.
  6. Configuration and testing: Once the hardware is in place, your service provider will configure the connection according to your selected speed tier and any additional services you've opted for. After the configuration, rigorous testing is done to ensure the connection is stable and performs optimally.
  7. Priority data options: Your service provider will assist you in setting up data prioritisation if required. For businesses that heavily rely on real-time data, like video conferencing or POS systems, this step is vital to ensure top-tier performance.

Optimising your Enterprise Ethernet

The journey doesn't stop at simply obtaining the connection. Ensuring the compatibility of your devices and maintaining the health of the connecting components are pivotal for sustained performance. Even with a high-performance Ethernet connection, using outdated or incompatible devices can create bottlenecks, limiting the overall speed and efficiency of your network.

Before implementing the Enterprise Ethernet, conduct an audit of all devices that will connect to the network. This includes computers, printers, phones, and any IoT devices. Ensure they are up-to-date and compatible with the speeds and specifications of the Enterprise Ethernet. Sometimes, a simple firmware update can make a device compatible. In other instances, you might need to consider replacing older equipment.

Technology evolves rapidly. Regularly review and update devices to keep pace with the evolving standards of the Ethernet ecosystem.

Caring for your Enterprise Ethernet devices

The onus of maintaining your connections’ peak performance partially rests on the compatibility of devices and the care of the connecting components. A little vigilance and routine maintenance can ensure a seamless and efficient business operation.

Your nbn box and modem should be located in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid confining them in tight spaces where airflow is restricted. Heat can reduce the lifespan and performance of these devices. Regularly dust the devices to prevent any build-up, which can cause them to overheat.

Inspect the cables periodically for signs of wear, fraying, or damage. Damaged cables can reduce the performance of your connection and even pose safety hazards. Using cable ties or clips will keep cables organised. This not only looks better, but prevents them from tangling or becoming a tripping hazard.

Finally, when routing cables, ensure they aren’t bent sharply, as this can damage the internal wiring and affect performance.

Setup your Enterprise Ethernet with the right connectivity services

An Enterprise Ethernet connection offers unparalleled speed, reliability, and scalability, ensuring you're not just prepared for today's challenges, but also ready to embrace tomorrow's opportunities. Yet, the true potential of this robust technology can only be unlocked with the right expertise and ongoing support.

Essential Tech will tailor your Enterprise Ethernet setup and connection to your business’s specific needs, and provide ongoing support to ensure your connectivity never falters.

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