Network security: why you should care about it

Your network is the first line of defense for your company’s sensitive data and systems. If your network isn’t secure, malicious actors will find a way in and start wreaking havoc on all of your other defenses.

Network security is the process of protecting your computer network from potential threats. You probably already know that it’s important to keep any personal information private, or else risk being a target for malicious individuals.

But how exactly does network security affect your business and infrastructure? Read on to discover why you should be paying more attention to this area of cyber security.

What is network security?

Network security is the practice of securing computer networks from attack. These networks typically handle sensitive information, such as customer data and financial data. As such, it’s important to keep network security strong. If it isn’t, hackers can steal this data and cause a host of other problems.

Network security addresses three key areas of concern: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Confidentiality is the assurance that data is only used by authorised individuals and is not disclosed to others. Integrity ensures that data is not altered in any way during transmission or storage. Availability ensures that the network is available when data owners need it.

Protect critical data

One of the most important aspects of protecting your network is to protect critical data. This includes customer data, financial data, and employee data. By keeping your network secure, you reduce the risk of a data breach, which can severely impact your organisation’s reputation and bottom line. This is especially important in today’s increasingly connected world where data is more portable than ever before.

In order to protect data, you need to trust your network, systems, and devices are secure. This can be accomplished through a variety of robust security measures, such as encryption, firewalls, antivirus software, password managers, and employee training.

Prevent costly data breaches

A data breach occurs when data is stolen or accessed by an unauthorised user. The cost of data breaches is staggering; according to IBM, the average cost of a data breach in Australia is $4.1 million. If you suffer a data breach, there is a strong change your company may not survive. It’s difficult to quantify the damage that can be done when sensitive information is exposed. It’s not just the financial impact that is important; the impact on brand reputation and client confidence is equally significant.

If you want to prevent a data breach, it’s important to have strong security measures in place. These measures include encryption of all data, and limiting network access.

Improve network performance

A strong, secure network is the cornerstone of a healthy IT infrastructure. It’s what keeps your data safe from attackers and ensures that all users have access to the resources they need. It also involves hardening the network by applying best practices to all components, including devices, applications, and protocols.

By doing so, you create an environment in which malicious actors can’t attack as easily, and you minimise the risk of data loss or disruption. When you combine these two elements — robust security across the entire network and well-protected endpoints — you can achieve a level of network reliability that will keep your organisation running smoothly.

Regulatory compliance

Another reason to protect your network is regulatory compliance. Many industries are highly regulated and the networks that handle data related to those industries must be secure.

For example, the healthcare industry must meet certain standards to protect the privacy of patient data. These regulations are in place to protect sensitive data. If healthcare organisations don’t comply with these regulations, they could face steep fines or serious legal ramifications.

Protect against legal consequences

Still, protecting your network isn’t just about protecting your business; it’s also about protecting you and your employees. When your network isn’t secure, you could face serious legal consequences; for example, if cybercriminals are able to breach your network and steal data, your customers may be compromised, and if the breach affects a large number of people, the fine could be hefty. The recent Optus breach is a prime example of this, with the company possible facing millions of dollars in fines as investigations continue.

Cybercriminals are also more likely to target networks that aren’t properly protected. This could lead to identity theft and other types of fraud.

Vital to overall cyber security

A secure network is vital to overall cyber security. If hackers can get into your network, they can get into all of your systems and data. This could lead to identity theft and other types of fraud. It could also lead to other problems, such as a loss of revenue.

However, network security isn’t the only aspect of cyber security. You also need to protect against cyber-attacks, and have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place in the event of an unexpected incident.

Get the right network security solutions from the experts

Network security is a critical issue for businesses of all types. It can protect your data, help prevent costly data breaches, and improve network performance. It’s crucial to take network security seriously to keep your business from a possible breach that could be costly and damaging.

The cyber security specialists at Essential Tech will help you find, implement, and manage the network security solutions best suited to your business needs.

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