All You Need to Know on Information Security in the Digital Age

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Enterprises are fast-growing in data sharing and storage, thanks to the ever-improving technological advancement such as cloud technologies. However, this has brought its share of the problem — data breach threats are escalating daily. Stats show a hacking attempt happens every 39 seconds, and 43% of cyber-attacks are directed to small businesses.

Traditionally, quality locks on doors were so important to avoid criminals from physically accessing company files. Now, the real threat is the prying eyes waiting to exploit the slightest of a system loophole. “There are two categories of companies: those who have been hacked and those who don’t yet know they have been hacked.” Chairman and CEO of Cisco, 2015

What does Information Security Entail?

There are three information aspects you wouldn’t want to be comprised of.


Can data be changed without knowledge or authority? Occurrences such as malware/virus/hacking infections on the system change or delete data without the firm’s knowledge.


There are different access levels of any information stored in a system. For instance, files meant for top management only shouldn’t leak to lower management, neither any employee’s personal data leak to an attacker. Attackers usually obtain unauthorised access through phishing- a type of fraud where mimicked identity is used to gain access.


At no time should you be denied access to your system? Ransomware threats lock you out of the system and demand a ransom before re-granting access. Many businesses have suffered due to the unplanned high amount of ransom. In this scenario, your customers or employees are entirely locked out of accessing the system services, e.g., web applications.

To guarantee that none of the three is taken lightly, you need a professional managed IT security expertise. The one who will access the risks and potential loopholes in your current system and develop a tailored solution that fits your organisation’s needs.

Information Security is a Priority

Cyber-attacks are intensifying and becoming more sophisticated. A password was enough to thwart unauthorised access some years ago, but that isn’t the case anymore. Even with the 2-factor-authentications, systems are still susceptible to intruders.

And the general misconception that only big corporations are targeted is a daylight lie. Unfortunately, the reverse is the truth, mainly because small firms overlook the importance of information security. While the future is unpredictable, it is crucial to have plans to protect sensitive information.

What Measures every Business Should Take


Advanced security measures like firewalls, data leak protection, connection encryption, and ransomware protection are irreplaceable minimums. Strong spam filters that avert phishing attempts, email spoofing prevention, and automatic scanning of incoming emails should be configured. All organisation computers should run up-to-date antivirus to stop new viruses’ concessions.


No matter how much you try to safeguard the information, we can’t rule out a potential failure or hacking. Backups are priceless in such a case. Backups should be done regularly in remote and independent storage facilities. Having a good backup will eliminate the need to pay any ransom.

Strong Passwords

Enforcing the use of strong passwords within the company fraternity is essential. Avoid easily guessable phrases among employees. 2-factor authentication and OTP (One Time Password) are also known to mitigate risks if the passwords get exposed.


An attacker knows the weak point is the unexpecting employees. Training the staff on awareness of phishing threats, email spoofing, and spear-phishing is a worthy investment. This will reduce the possibility of any of them falling victim to any of the breaches.

Why You Need a Managed IT Security

Whether you’re running a small, medium, or a big corporation, you can never be too equipped for a potential attack. Partnering with a managed IT security agency that understands the digital age data security threats is essential.

Since 2007, Essential Tech desire has been to empower businesses in Australia to achieve their finest. We work with you to improve operational efficiency, business security, and streamline your processes. Contact us to learn more about managed IT security or book a free 30-min consultation with one of our experts.

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We listen and learn to understand your business challenges, so we can deliver effective solutions that meet your specific business needs. Speak with an expert now!

Got any Questions?

We listen and learn to understand your business challenges, so we can deliver effective solutions that meet your specific business needs. Speak with an expert now!

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