How Your Business Can Benefit from a VoIP Phone System

If you still have an analog PBX connected to the phone company, you know how hard it is to maintain. You may think that as long as it plods along, you can wait a while more before making the switch. But keeping it going will only get harder over time, and meanwhile you’re paying more for less. Switching to a VoIP system isn’t hard, and it offers more advantages than you may realise.

A 3CX phone system for your office gives you flexibility and economy. The cost is low, your phone bill will immediately drop, and your business will get more out of its communications.

Understanding VoIP

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system carries your calls over the Internet rather than the phone system. Communication at your end is digital all the way to the phone. If you’re calling someone on the phone network, the call goes to the other party’s local exchange, even internationally. You still have a phone number, but you aren’t dependent on the phone company.

Within your business exchange, everything is digital and managed by software. A voice call is just data, and your exchange can forward it, plug it into a conference, record it, and do whatever else you need.

The advantages of VoIP

Once you start using VoIP, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. These are just some of the advantages your business will gain:

  • Cost savings. Sending voice data over the Internet is far cheaper than using the traditional phone system. You can save your callers money with a low-cost DID number.
  • More features. After-hours forwarding, speed dialling, following, multiple device ringing, sending selected numbers direct to voicemail, do not disturb, and call joining are just a few of the features available at each phone.
  • Mobility. Employees’ cell phones can be part of the VoIP network, letting them make intra-office calls from wherever they are.
  • Extensibility. You can add phones without a major reconfiguration.
  • Choice of local exchange. Your phone number can be in whatever exchange best suits your business, regardless of your geographical location. You can be out in the suburbs and have a number that’s local to the heart of the city.
  • No phone cabling requirements. Your phone connections run over Ethernet or Wi-Fi. There’s no need for separate phone wiring.
  • Easy configuration management. Your PBX’s configuration is entirely under software control. You can assign access to features or relocate numbers from the control panel.
  • Unified communications. Many VoIP services, including 3CX, let you use voice, video, and data together. You can integrate your calls with software such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, so that you can make data available as you talk. Video conferencing is an option with appropriate equipment.

You can use VoIP from a SIP phone, which is a digital phone that uses the standard protocols. You can keep existing analog phones with an ATA adaptor; this is an economical option for stations that don’t need access to all the features. Or you can use a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone on your VoIP PBX, either on the premises or remotely.

Prepare to make the switch

When you move from an analog PBX to a VoIP phone system, you’ll recover your investment quickly. Not only will you have lower ongoing costs, your business will be more productive. Employees will use their phones more productively, without being tethered by a cable to their desks.

We offer 3CX phone systems to suit your business’s needs. On-premises and cloud configurations are available. Book a free 30-minute consultation with one of our experts to find out how your business can benefit, or get a free quote today.

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