IT problems may be inevitable, but Essential Tech will make them more manageable 

At Essential Tech, our work is driven by a common belief that the IT landscape changes at an unprecedented rate, so what we must do is evolve accordingly. We believe in digital transformation, customer experience optimisation and the power of IT strategy through innovation and differentiation. We help organisations accelerate their digital capabilities and break out of the IT silo by combining strategic and delivery expertise. We push for disruptive innovation in order to solve today's challenges. 

vCIO solutions that drive your business from today into tomorrow 

With the rise of technology and the changing business landscape, it is becoming more and more important for companies to understand how to work with this new world. It's not enough to only have a large IT team in today's business environment.  
The most successful companies are turning to vCIOs because they provide the best range of services that can address a variety of challenges that a company may be facing. Whether it is developing new strategy, looking to increase margins, or simply wanting more time by outsourcing IT management- vCIOs have the knowledge and expertise that will deliver tangible results. 

IT Security Consulting services you can trust to provide your business with next-level protection 

Technology is constantly advancing and it's important for businesses to stay on top of the latest security trends in order to better protect themselves. 
While most IT security consulting firms provide a variety of services, they usually specialise in one area or another. At Essential Tech, we specialise in providing your business with comprehensive security consulting services to mitigate any security risks and ensure your business and critical data remains safe and secure. Save time and money by allowing our team of security professionals take care of things for you. 

Network consulting services that provide high-quality communication and seamless project coordination with minimal downtime and no surprises in store 

Network consulting involves the installation, configuration, and maintenance of LANs, WANs, and other types of computer networks. In today’s world where the internet has become a pivotal part of our lives, network consultants are needed to troubleshoot any connectivity issues that arise. They also need to be able to update the company network with any new technologies that may come up in the future. This might involve setting up VPN connections or Wi-Fi hotspots. 
Essential Tech’s Network consultants can provide your business with the comprehensive support it needs to stay ahead and always be up and running. 

Venture into the big, wide world of enterprise with superior Cloud Consulting services 

Cloud consulting services are all about helping your company extract more value from your Cloud investments. We will help you develop your Cloud strategy and create a streamlined migration plan if you want to move your workloads into the cloud or even get advice on how to integrate public or private cloud environments with on-premise systems if needed.